Historic Home Affected by Water Damage in Dallas, TX

Water Restoration

Rainfall from a storm can cause severe damage to your home, including water damage. If not treated in time, water damage can ultimately lead to structural damage, which can take a financial and emotional toll on homeowners.

PuroClean is a professional water damage restoration company that can restore your residence in the wake of water damage. Our highly-trained and experienced technicians can efficiently restore your home to its pre-loss condition.

Our Trained Team at Work

Two homeowners in Dallas, TX, recently contacted us requesting our service. After a storm had passed through their area, their roof had suffered extensive damage. Some roof areas were so badly damaged that rain had entered the home and wet the insulation in the rooflines and walls.

The home was a historic property, so the owners asked that no demolition be done inside to preserve the home’s antique structure and features. Therefore, we had to be very careful with our work. We worked within the parameters imposed by the homeowners, but it was challenging nevertheless. A portion of the flat roof had already collapsed inside the home.

As our technicians began to dry out the affected areas, they discovered that the house consisted of two roofs. When roofers installed a new roof, they built the new roof on top of the old one. We even detected roof insulation in the original roof. This unique aspect made our job even more difficult, but we continued with our work.

We had no time limit during our work except for time itself. As affected areas remained wet, the chance for mold growth increased. Sadly, certain areas of the house started to show signs of mold.

We are proud to have helped the homeowners during a tough time. Our experienced and compassionate technicians did an excellent job despite the challenges.

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Water damage can often be an overwhelming and complex issue for homeowners. Take action immediately and don’t hesitate to contact a restoration company. PuroClean of Allen offers professional water damage restoration services done by our highly-skilled technicians. Visit our website or contact us at (972) 892-0000.

Last edited on 16th of May 2022