A collapsed ceiling from an HVAC pan leak.

HVAC Havoc: Drain Pan Leak to Ceiling Collapse in Garland

Neglected spaces in the home can quickly become a source of trouble, such as your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system. Failing to address an issue can result in significant costs and complications. If you notice water damage, it’s essential to act quickly. Contacting a water mitigation company can prevent further harm and reduce the risk of secondary problems, such as mold growth. By taking swift action, you can contain the damage and avoid more extensive repairs down the road.

HVAC SOS on the Second Floor

Recently, we responded to a call at around six in the evening from an older couple in Garland. After settling comfortably on the first floor of their home, they heard a loud crash from the upstairs floor. Because of their advanced age and difficulty reaching the second floor, they were unable to determine what happened. They contacted us when they noticed a water leak from the ceiling.

Our IICRC-certified technicians used moisture meters and infrared cameras to assess the extent of the water damage.

When we investigated the source of the noise and the subsequent water leak seeping through their ceiling, we encountered a troubling sight: the roof had collapsed under the weight of water from an overflowing HVAC drain pan. Although immediate cleanup and repairs were needed, the homeowners requested that we temporarily refrain from taking action other than documenting the damage with photographs for their insurance company. Because they were awaiting insurance approval, the homeowners wanted to ensure nothing was disturbed before the adjuster could assess the full extent of the damage.

As of this blog’s publication, we are waiting to get approval to begin the restoration work. To be continued!

A collapsed ceiling from water damage.

The HVAC system’s pan leak led to a ceiling collapse in an unused room.

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Last edited on 8th of May 2024