A member of the PuroClean team investigating potential mold growth in this Dallas home.

Meter Mix-Up: Water Meter Mistake Spurs Mold Growth in Dallas Home

Mold Restoration

Mold growth is a big inconvenience, especially when circumstances beyond your control cause it! The microscopic spores that constitute mold cause many problems that jeopardize your property and health. It’s understandable if mold leaves you with frustration and worry.

Luckily, PuroClean Property Restoration Experts has property restoration experts that will revitalize your home from even the nastiest mold growth scenarios. Our top-notch mold remediation process will bring your property back from the brink. With our experience and expertise, that’s not just a promise but a guarantee.

A Mold Growth Mishap

For one Dallas homeowner, it seemed like their troubles would never end. Though they thought they were scot-free after a restoration company had mitigated water damage a leak had caused, fate had other plans. During a routine inspection, the city switched out the water meter and unknowingly reactivated it, oblivious that it had been off because of the home’s leak.

A look at the severe mold that grew on the walls of the Dallas home.

Within minutes, the home was again flooded with water, creating the perfect environment for mold to thrive. However, the homeowner was gone for over a week, which meant the home was vacant. The result? Extensive mold growth on the home’s walls.

You can never know what’s hiding behind your home’s walls.

To the Rescue

After receiving the call, we arrived on the scene to begin the mold remediation. Our meticulous technicians identified all sources of the mold, scanning the interior with advanced infrared cameras and moisture meters. We cleaned the air using high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filter devices and vacuums. Our team then applied EPA-registered disinfectants to clean and sanitize the affected areas. One of our technicians uncovered an HVAC condensate line leak in the attic and termite damage along the way. At the time of this blog’s publication, our work on this home continues. Our team’s dedication and expertise will no doubt get the job done right!

Why Wait? Call PuroClean Property Restoration Experts for Mold Remediation Now!

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Last edited on 1st of September 2023