Sewage Leak Damages Home on Closing Day

Water Restoration

No matter how big or small, a sewage leak is an unpleasant situation. It can cause damage to your property and potentially create a health hazard. If you have a sewage leak, taking immediate action is vital to clean up the spill and prevent further contamination.

PuroClean understands the challenges of dealing with a sewage leak, and we’re here to help. Our certified professionals work quickly and efficiently to mitigate the water damage and restore your property to its pre-loss condition. This blog will tell you about our most recent job involving a sewage leak and how our team successfully mitigated the damage.

The House and the Sewage Leak

We were recently called to repair water damage caused by a leak at a Richardson, Texas, home. PuroClean’s team of certified technicians responded to the call within hours. After our initial assessment, we determined that a sewage leak had caused the water damage.

In this case, the client had just purchased the home and detected the sewage leak on closing day. This posed a problem, as it wasn’t clear whose insurance would cover the initial loss. Nevertheless, our team started the water damage restoration right away.

Because a portion of the drywall had to be removed, we performed a lead and asbestos test before proceeding. The home’s age was a significant factor in conducting the test. As we waited for results, a couple of squatters broke into the house over the weekend, leaving behind a mess.

After test results determined it was safe to do our work, we started the water damage restoration in earnest. We cut through the drywall to access the leak. We also cleaned and secured the patio door with wood. Our technicians blacked out the glass doors to ensure no further illegal entry.

Our team assisted the client throughout the process. We also purchased a new toilet for the customer free of charge due to her circumstances. We’re very proud of our PuroClean team for their dedication and care.

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Last edited on 29th of June 2022