Urine Trouble: Potential Water Leak Reveals Odd Surprise

Water Restoration

As a property restoration professional, you never know what kind of unusual situations you might encounter when remediating damage caused by water leaks, fire, or mold. From discovering bats in an attic to dealing with pesky critters, every day on the job presents new challenges. Despite the unexpected twists and turns, we take pride in our work and love sharing our craziest stories from the field.

Water Leak Mystery

We recently answered a call from a home builder who had visited their client’s newly constructed residence. Despite its recent completion, they believed there was a possible water leak. When our IICRC-certified technicians arrived, we began our usual inspection with moisture meters, infrared cameras, and an ultraviolet light when an unusual urine smell caught our attention.

Upon further inspection, we quickly discovered the source. What we encountered wasn’t water damage but a substantial urine stain soaked into the home’s carpet. After re-evaluating our inspection, we detected no broken water pipes, leaks, or discolorations on the ceiling.

Using three different testing methods, we soon identified that the foul odor came from a urine stain.

To our dismay, the suspected water damage was indeed a urine stain. After confirming the results, we sent the client a full report of our findings, offered our future services, and went on our way. Despite the odd circumstances, we thank our crew for their professionalism and diligence. Good work, team!

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Last edited on 14th of March 2024