Wet damaged vinyl flooring from water heater leak.

Leak Under the Laminate: Wet Damaged Floor in Plano

Water Restoration

Wet damaged areas of the home commonly go unnoticed, especially if hidden beneath floorboards. Laminate flooring is notorious for hiding water damage, particularly because the underlayment or backing on boards is waterproof. It may take years for the water to weaken the laminate.

Wet Damaged Laminate: A Complicated Crisis

Our team received a call a few weeks ago from a young couple who had recently purchased their first home in Plano. They complained of a water leak that had originated from the water heater and trickled down beneath the flooring. Our IICRC-certified technicians arrived at the scene as soon as possible.

During the initial inspection, we knew of the potential challenge the laminate material could pose in our moisture readings. Depending on the underlayment or backing of the laminate floorboards, it can be tricky to detect any moisture. However, our expertise prevailed, and we obtained an accurate moisture reading, indicating high moisture levels. 

We detected high moisture levels beneath the laminate floorboards with moisture meters.

The Drying Process

After our moisture readings indicated high levels, we proceeded to remove the laminate flooring. This revealed evidence of trapped moisture and wet-damaged material. Once we removed all of the wet-damaged material, we brought in our state-of-the-art drying equipment, including air movers and dehumidifiers.

Air movers pulled out the trapped moisture within the contaminated area, while the dehumidifiers minimized the moisture content in the air. Our latest dehumidifiers gave us an accurate grains per pound (GPP) reading. We relied on both to optimize the drying process. 

In a short amount of time, our moisture meters quickly confirmed that everything was dry. The homeowners expressed great satisfaction with our professionalism, knowledge, and prompt restoration. Another successful job, team!

High-powered air movers and state-of-the-art dehumidifiers were used together to maximize drying potential and minimize drying time.

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Last edited on 16th of May 2024