Steps to Take after Hurricane Damage Sarasota FL

Steps To Take After Hurricane Damage In Sarasota, Fl

Hurricane season can be a worrisome time for residents of Sarasota, Florida. Unfortunately, the area has recently seen several severe storms, so it’s critical to understand what to do if there has been hurricane damage.

In this article, I’ll guide you through each step in greater detail providing practical information about dealing with disaster damage in Sarasota, FL.  I’m here to offer crucial guidance on how to begin putting your life back together as I am aware of how terrible a storm can be.

Assessing The Hurricane Damage

The first stage in repairing storm damage in Sarasota, Florida, is to evaluate the situation. This includes inspecting property damage and the risk of further harm from any remaining storm elements like flooding or high winds. To better understand the hurricane’s overall effect, it is crucial to make a list of everything that has been affected.

  • To start with, inspect your home and surrounding areas for broken windows, missing roof tiles/shingles, cracked foundations, fallen trees or branches blocking entryways, water leakage inside the house and other visible signs of destruction. 
  • Check all electrical appliances such as air conditioning units and systems for signs of wear or malfunctioning due to power surges associated with storms. 
  • If possible, use a digital camera to document the extent of the damage on each appliance before unplugging them from their power sources.
  • Once you have completed your assessment of physical damages caused by the hurricane, consider potential risks posed by rising waters which could lead to flooding in low-lying areas near your home.

You can use this information to help you decide whether or not emergency services are required in your current situation.

Emergency Services

When experiencing hurricane damage in Sarasota, FL, the first step to take is to contact emergency services. This may involve calling 911 or alerting nearby services like fire departments or police stations, depending on the extent of the damage and any potential safety issues for the residents. There are also numerous organizations providing relief assistance after a hurricane that can help with food distribution, temporary housing, medical aid, and other related needs.

The American Red Cross often provides immediate relief supplies, financial assistance options and mental health support following natural disasters. FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) offers grants and long-term recovery assistance specifically designed to assist individuals affected by hurricanes.

Local government agencies will have information regarding disaster declaration status within their district which determines what type of resources are available in your area. It’s important to stay informed about current policies and guidelines when seeking aid from these additional sources.

It’s helpful to connect with other people who were impacted by the same storm since they can provide valuable insight into navigating post-hurricane life successfully.

Insurance Claims

Once the emergency services have been deployed, Sarasota residents who need to know what to do after storm damage, and preparing for recovery should turn to filing insurance claims. For this reason, purchasing a catastrophe insurance for natural disasters such as hurricane is critical for any property owner in Sarasota and it’s important that all claims are filed correctly. This will ensure the claim can be processed as quickly as possible:

  1. Contact Your Insurance Agent: Immediately after any storm or other event causing major destruction contact your insurance agent who will walk you through the claims process.
  2. Document Damage: Take pictures or videos of the damaged areas before making repairs and don’t throw away anything until an adjuster has inspected the scene.
  3. Submit a Claim: The sooner you submit a claim, the sooner you will be reimbursed for hurricane-related damages. Be sure to accurately detail everything within your policy when filing your claim with your provider.
  4. Monitor Progress: Keep track of progress on your claim and make sure all paperwork is filled out properly and submitted on time according to requirements set forth by your insurer.

It’s essential for homeowners to follow these steps to guarantee they receive their due compensation from insurance companies after suffering storm damage in Sarasota, FL. Doing so will ensure timely payouts which can help cover costs associated with clean up and restoration efforts following a natural disaster.

Clean Up And Restoration

Destroyed houses along the road

It’s time to start the cleanup and repair procedure after the storm has passed. Identifying any potential hurricane-related damage is the first step. This includes both structural damages as well as debris removal. It’s important to ensure all safety protocols are followed while cleaning up and restoring your home or business. 

  • When working with potentially dangerous items like sharp objects or shattered glass, always wear safety gear such gloves, boots, and masks.
  • The next step in this process involves preparing for future storms. You want to make sure your property is ready should another hurricane strike Sarasota area. Consider installing shutters on windows and doors, reinforcing roofing structures if needed, and stocking supplies ahead of time. Preparing now can save a lot of stress down the line!
  • Finally, once your property is safe from further damage due to hurricanes, it’s time to look at long-term solutions for repair work that needs completing after the storm passes through an area. Aside from doing repairs and replacing damaged items, there are also steps homeowners can take for greater peace of mind about their safety for future hurricanes.

Long-Term Solutions

Although recovery and restoration efforts have already started, there are still preventative measures that residents and businesses can take to protect their property from future storm damage. Now that the immediate damage has been addressed, it’s time to look at the possible long-term solutions for hurricane preparation in Sarasota, FL.

  • Weatherproofing methods such as installing impact windows or reinforced shutters on exterior doors and windows are one way to reduce potential damage to a building during a storm. Depending on the property’s location, structural repairs should be conducted as necessary and flood control devices might need to be constructed.
  • To ensure safety before another hurricane hits, individuals should also research evacuation routes ahead of time so they know exactly where to go when needed. Here are some long-term solutions you need to remember:
  • Homeowners’ insurance policies should be reviewed regularly and updated with any new information regarding storms in the area.
  • People living near coastal areas must be willing to take emergency preparedness for hurricane season. Their homes must be able to endure high winds and flooding by having an emergency plan ready in case this type of natural disaster occurs again.

By taking these steps now, we can better equip our community against future destruction caused by hurricanes in Sarasota, FL.


Although dealing with a hurricane’s aftermath might be intimidating, you can minimize damage and guarantee your safety by acting quickly and appropriately. From assessing the damage to contacting your insurance company, hiring a professional restoration company, like PuroClean of Bradenton, can make a significant difference in the restoration process.

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Last edited on 21st of April 2023