Flooding caused by a hurricane on Ana Maria Island in Southwest Florida

Hurricane Preparedness: Safeguarding Your Properties, Ensuring Peace of Mind

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Hurricane Preparedness: Safeguarding Your Properties, Ensuring Peace of Mind

Hello, everyone!

My name is Julia Jones, owner of PuroClean of Bradenton, a leading property damage restoration company in Florida. With the onset of hurricane season, I am reminded of the power of Mother Nature and how critical it is to be prepared. Tomorrow, I have the privilege of speaking to the Realtors Association of Sarasota and Manatee County (RASM www.myrasm.com) on the importance of hurricane preparedness for properties. As trusted advisors to property owners, our role is crucial in ensuring our clients’ investments are protected.

As a professional in property restoration and disaster management, I’ve seen firsthand the havoc hurricanes can wreak on homes and properties. However, I have also witnessed how preparedness can dramatically decrease damage, save costs, and most importantly, protect lives.

Here are the key points that I will be discussing in my presentation:

Understanding Hurricane Risks

Each property is unique, and so are the risks it faces. It’s essential to understand the vulnerabilities of each property, whether it’s in a flood-prone area or susceptible to high winds, to plan accordingly. As Realtors, you need to provide the correct guidance to your clients about these potential risks.

Creating a Comprehensive Preparedness Plan

We need to encourage property owners to have a hurricane preparedness plan. This plan should include:

  1. Structural reinforcements: Installing storm shutters and reinforced doors, securing loose gutters and downspouts, and reinforcing the roof can significantly reduce potential damage.
  2. Emergency kits: Owners should have an emergency kit prepared with essentials like food, water, medicine, and necessary documents.
  3. Evacuation routes: Familiarity with evacuation routes and local shelters is crucial in case of a sudden need to evacuate.

Routine Maintenance and Inspections

Regular maintenance and inspections can help identify potential weaknesses in a property’s structural integrity. Encouraging owners to have professionals, like PuroClean, assess their properties can prevent minor issues from becoming major problems during a hurricane.

Insurance Coverage

Ensuring a property has the appropriate insurance coverage is crucial. Owners need to understand the extent of their coverage and whether it includes damage caused by hurricanes. As Realtors, you can guide your clients to consider additional coverages like flood insurance when necessary.

Post-Hurricane Recovery

Quick response is key after a hurricane. An efficient recovery plan includes clearing debris, assessing damage, starting the restoration process promptly, and documenting everything for insurance claims. Professional disaster management services, like PuroClean of Bradenton, can make this process safer, faster, and more efficient.

As I address the Realtors Association of Sarasota and Manatee County tomorrow, my hope is to create a shared understanding of the importance of hurricane preparedness. Your role as Realtors goes beyond buying and selling properties. It involves protecting the dreams and investments of our clients. As we head into this hurricane season, let’s pledge to make preparedness our top priority.

Stay safe, everyone!

Julia Jones Owner, PuroClean of Bradenton

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Last edited on 4th of August 2023