Storm Damage

Identifying Storm Damage to Your Roof


The roof is the most crucial aspect of your Manasota home since it protects you and your family from many things. It blocks the elements, catches sunlight, and provides insulation to keep the house at its proper temperature in all seasons.

However, we all know that roofs can be destroyed by storms. And storm damage can be very striking, or it can be very subtle. That’s why one of the first things any homeowner should do after a storm is to check for roof damage.

Types of Storm Damage

Storm damage can be caused by hail, wind, water, and falling debris. This is especially true for our coastal areas affected by tornadoes, tropical storms, or hurricanes. Ana Maria Island and Palmetto are especially prone to flooding.

Hail damage is the most common among the three, and it’s the most apparent. Hail is basically frozen water in the atmosphere formed when water droplets freeze together in the cold upper part of thunderstorm clouds.

Modern roofing shingles are sorted for varying degrees of wind. But unfortunately, a storm can accompany strong gusts of wind. Pair that with faulty shingle installation, and you get wind damage. And when you get strong winds from a storm, there’s a high chance they’ll carry fallen debris with them. This debris may fall and damage your roof.

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How to Identify Storm Damage

Here are the common things you should look for to identify if your roof got damaged during a storm:

1. Hail on Your Lawn

Hail is like rain but made of ice. So when you see hail on your lawn, there is a good chance that some also fell on your roof. Although having hail does not necessarily mean that your roof got damaged, it’s a sign you should grab that ladder and start inspecting for damage.

2. Obvious Dents on Your Roof

If your roof has been severely impacted by the storm, you will be able to see dents in your yard. Storms bring strong winds, and if hail, debris, or a large tree trunk falls on your roof at high speeds, your roof will have a huge hole, and dents from shingles will be very visible on the ground.

3. Dark Spots on Your Roof

When a shingle is blown off either due to the impact of debris or from severe winds, you’ll see dark spots on your roof. These spots in your roof’s underlayment will appear where the shingle used to be. A missing shingle isn’t a big problem; however, you should remedy it immediately.

4. Damaged Gutters

Your home’s gutters are also an important part of the roof. They help drain water from your roof and into the drainage system to help prevent water accumulation on the roof and also to prevent interior damage. If your gutters are damaged, your roof is probably damaged as well.

5. Water Stains on the Ceiling

A visible sign that something is wrong with your roof is if you have water stains on your top-floor ceiling. It’s almost always due to a small hole or gap in your roof. If this is not addressed right away, water stains can spread throughout your whole ceiling and lead to a more expensive repair.


Following the inspection, it may be clear that additional repairs are needed to ensure the good condition of your roof. Water damage remediation services can provide any repair or replacement services that you need within your home. This can include helping clean up the damage underneath the roof due to water leaking into your property.

If you have identified any of the signs mentioned above, don’t hesitate to call a water damage remediation expert. At PuroClean of Bradenton, we offer water damage repair services to keep your living space dry using the latest equipment and techniques. Contact us today to schedule an inspection within your home, and we will be happy to check your property. We service from Parrish, Lakewood Ranch to Siesta Key. (941) 877-2288.

Last edited on 28th of November 2022