Fire damage

Repairing Fire Damage on Your Home

Fire Restoration

Fire can cause significant damage to your home and belongings. You’ll have to deal with the procedures of restoring your home once the fire has been out. That is why our team at PuroClean of Bradenton has created a checklist about fire damage restoration to help you.

How long does repairing fire damage take?

The length of time it takes to repair a fire-damaged home depends on the magnitude of the damage, and how much smoke and soot, water, and debris must be cleaned up and removed first. The time is partly determined by how quickly contractors can begin working on your house.

Minor drywall, paint, and flooring repairs can take a few days to complete. The process of repairing substantial damage to a large property with numerous stories might take several weeks to months.

Remember that repairs cannot begin until the fire department has thoroughly assessed the scene, which could take a few days or weeks, depending on the jurisdiction.

Fire damage restoration checklist

Fire damage restoration Bradenton

1. Have your home inspected and evaluated

The first stage in rebuilding is to ensure that your home has undergone a safety examination by a competent inspector. Your fire damage restoration contractor can recommend a structural engineer for this critical part of the project.

2. Board up the windows and tarp up the roof

Secure all entryways and board up damaged windows once you’ve received permission to begin work on the residence. Your repair contractor’s team will be able to help you with this.

3. Make sure your home is structurally secure

Rebuilding the attic, restoring damaged trusses and floor joists, and securing the interior framework are all important jobs that shouldn’t be assigned to amateurs; leave it to the professionals to take on this phase of the repairs. Experienced carpenters must handle heavy repairs to ensure the house’s structural stability.

4. Inspect the electrical systems

Even if the fire did not completely destroy your home, you must have a certified electrician check your electrical system for necessary repairs. A fire-damaged home may require the testing and replacement of all wirings, outlets, holidays lights and electrical fixtures, as well as a new breaker box, especially if the cause of the fire was an electrical failure, such as a fire from a microwave oven on Thanksgiving.

5. Check for presence of hazardous chemicals

The emergence of harmful chemicals is one of the consequences of a fire. People living in the residence may get respiratory, skin, or eye problems as a result of chemicals left behind after the fire if damage restoration is not done adequately. In addition to these short-term risks, there are also catastrophic repercussions for infants, as well as long-term health hazards, including cancer, stroke, and heart attack.

It is not necessary to conduct tests to detect the presence of dangerous compounds or their concentrations. However, environmental testing may be required in certain circumstances, especially when testing for specific fire-related chemicals. A complete sample plan is created to ensure that the results are accurate and useful.

Need help with fire damage repairs?

No one wants to go through the terrible experience of having their home and belongings damaged by fire. Don’t let the damage cause a bigger slew of problems in your home; contact an expert who can help you repair and rebuild quickly. If you’re residing within Bradenton and the surrounding areas, you can count on PuroClean of Bradenton for fire and smoke damage repair and property restoration. Contact us today to learn more about our fire damage repair and cleanup services.

Last edited on 26th of December 2022