Hannah Levite


"I am extremely grateful for the professionalism and compassion with which Brenden and Julia handled my case and recommend their services to anyone going through a property damage situation. They understand not only how to treat damaged property with scientific skill but also how to treat their clients with compassion as they are going through a difficult situation. Brenden W. personally went (way) above and beyond to help me when I was going through a terrible mold damage issue. Over the Christmas-New Years holiday of 2021-22, my apartment was flooded from an upstairs leak. Negligent maintenance did not check my unit and the flood sat for weeks while I was away, turning from a simple flood into an uncontrolled mold problem. I initially reported the problem to my apartment complex but they were not only not helpful, they were combative, leading me to seek help on my own. Before PuroClean was recommended to me, I called ServPro who egregiously misdiagnosed the severity of the issue and refused to speak with me directly, opting instead to only communicate with property management who was reluctant to help in any way. After a few weeks of battling property management and ServPro, I lost my grandpa at the age of 99, compounding all the recent loss from the flood and mold, I was at my wits end. I was almost ready to throw in the towel when serendipitously in the same day two separate neighbors recommended PuroClean after having met Julia at two separate networking events. I reached out and was comforted by an immediate plan of action to salvage my precious belongings I feared I was losing forever. Julia and Brenden worked with me directly (including speaking to me directly and making eye contact with me(!) which might sound silly to note but after my encounter with ServPro I realized that is a level of professionalism and courtesy that not everyone offers). Brenden was assigned to my case and he was incredibly patient, knowledgeable, and kind. His reports and professional opinion helped me get my property management to understand the severity of the issue and to finally take action to help. When the cleaning began, Brenden and his team were on time, worked hard all day, and were all friendly, caring, and delicate with my (precious) belongings. Seeing them buzzing like bees in a hive working so hard to save my things, I was finally able to breathe a sigh of relief for the first time since I’d discovered the flood/mold, which is a feeling I really cannot express enough gratitude for."