Air movers set up to dry areas affected by broken toilet supply line

Broken Toilet Supply Line Causes Water Damage to Local Assisted Living Facility

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Several residents at a local assisted living facility were displaced from their rooms recently after a water main broke and caused significant damage. While the broken toilet supply line was the direct cause of the flooding, it’s unfortunate that many of these residents were already dealing with health issues and had to face the added stress. PuroClean stepped up to alleviate the situation and get the rooms occupiable once more.

PuroClean’s Rapid Response Helps Residents Recover Quickly from Broken Toilet Supply Line Water Damage

Not long ago our team received a 5 am call from an assisted living facility in Delray Beach, FL. The facility was experiencing flooding from a broken toilet supply line. Several residents’ rooms and some common areas of the building were affected. We rushed over to save the building from severe water damage and protect the residents.

As soon as we arrived, we worked to get the situation under control and began the mitigation process. In total, four rooms were affected, as well as the hallways on the first and second floors, staircases on the first and second floors, and a storage room. As the affected residents had to be displaced, our main priority after removing the water was to get the rooms ready for them to move back in.

The entire mitigation took just five days. We started with the resident rooms since those were our most pressing priority. Once we were done there and the residents safely returned, we worked on the hallways, and finally finished with the staircases and storage room. We used multiple air movers in each affected space to ensure everything was thoroughly dried. Any moisture left from the broken toilet supply line could potentially lead to mold.

Our crew did a fantastic job with their prompt response, handling the situation for the residents and employees of the facility. We were elated to minimize the disruption to the residents’ lives as much as possible and get them back to the safety and comfort of their rooms.

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At PuroClean of Davie, we understand the stress and difficulty caused by water damage, whether it’s a broken toilet supply line, overflowing washing machine, or whatever the situation may be. Our trained professionals are on call 24/7 to assist with any emergencies that occur. We will respond as quickly as possible with compassion and empathy. Our goal is always to work as efficiently and effectively as possible to take care of our clients and their properties and return everything to pre-loss condition. Give us a call at (954) 233-1100.

Last edited on 9th of February 2022