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Davie Restaurant
Water RestorationPublished December 23, 2020

Can I Get An Encore? Do You Want More? A Restaurant Gets Restored After Two Downpours

We take great pride in establishing strong relationships of mutual trust with our clients. Having said that, we typically hope we aren’t needed again by the same client – especially not two weeks after the last time! It’s nothing personal. We wouldn’t wish two disasters in a row on anyone. Unfortunately, it does happen on occasion and recently a restaurant in Davie went through this unlikely ordeal. Luckily for everyone, they called PuroClean to quickly handle it both times.

Double or Nothing? PuroClean Restores Flood Damage – Twice

The rain in South Florida is truly something to behold. It can be raining on one side of your house while simultaneously being sunny on the other. Or, ominous skies can open up – only for the storm to completely disappear within a few minutes. This phenomenon may confuse people from the rest of the country, but it’s one we are all too familiar with here. This force of nature can often bring flash flooding in its wake, and it did just that to a local restaurant.

They called PuroClean in for remediation after rainwaters ushered a nasty concoction of sewage, grease, and water up through their drains and inside the premises. The unfortunate owners of the eatery had no clue how to handle the situation. But, they reached out to owners of the PuroClean for guidance and remediation. Within a few hours of our arrival, the building was in visibly better condition. And, within 2 days, they were back up and running, with everything in clean, working order.

Our team was especially communicative with the clients, which helped put them at ease. We provided them with detailed before and after photographs to help them with their insurance claim, as well. The client thanked us for the quality of the service we provided them with. In fact, they were so happy with the results, when the exact same disaster happened yet again the following week, they did not hesitate to call PuroClean. More precisely, we actually called them after another heavy rain to check on their situation. It was almost as if we were able to read their thoughts!

The second go-round of remediations did not stress out the clients nearly as much as the first ones did. They said they felt very comfortable with PuroClean and the process we follow. They wrote us a very detailed and complimentary review, saying “They saved our butts twice in a two-week timespan, and so I can confidently recommend PuroClean of Davie for ANY of your restoration needs without any hesitation!”

Call PuroClean of Davie For Water Damage Restoration

Whatever is causing the flooding, PuroClean of Davie is prepared to respond quickly, to rescue and restore lives and businesses. Our technicians are on standby, ready to use their training and state-of-the-art equipment to restore your property after water damage occurs. Call us at (954) 233-1100 for restoration services in the Davie, FL area.

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