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Providing Water Damage Restoration in Hollywood FL for a Health Care Facility [Success Story]

Water Restoration

In January 2022, we responded to a large flooding incident that happened at a local allergy and asthma health care facility in Hollywood FL. The facility needed to be restored as fast as possible given the critical nature of their business. Here’s the story of how our team provided water damage restoration in Hollywood FL at the treatment center.

Flooding at the Treatment Center

The flooding at the treatment center was caused by a problem with the water heater, which was installed on the floor above. The health care facility was in a terrible state. There was standing water, the ceilings were significant;y affected, the carpet and laminated flooring were thoroughly soaked, and the IT room and some of the equipment were damaged.

As there was so much water damage everywhere, the staff was not able to take care of their patients. Overall, the facility has 4,000 sqft with 12 offices and common areas. Thus, you can imagine the scope of the water damage and restoration services needed to get the property back in order. 

Providing Water Damage Restoration in Hollywood FL

Water damage restoration is a process that is used to mitigate the effects of water on a structure. This includes the removal of excess water, the drying of affected areas, and the repair of any damage that has been caused by the water.

First, we got started on the water extraction. Then, all affected materials from the ceiling, the walls, and the flooring were removed and properly disposed of. After that, we deployed dehumidifiers, air movers, and air scrubbers throughout the whole facility to assist in the dry-out process and avoid secondary damage.

Due to the extensive damage caused in the area, the work took several days to finish. We started on a Monday morning and finished by putting back the contents the next Monday. Thus, we were able to help get the facility back up and running in a week. Thanks to our hard work, the patients are now once again getting the care they need.

For Water Damage Restoration in Hollywood FL, call the PuroClean Professionals!

When water damage restoration is needed, it is necessary to act quickly and efficiently to avoid further damages. The sooner a company can come in and assess the damage, the better chance they have at minimizing the amount of repair needed. At PuroClean of Davie, we specialize in water damage restoration in Hollywood FL, and nearby areas, so we are well-equipped to handle your needs! Call us today at (954) 233-1100 to schedule a visit.

Last edited on 23rd of February 2022