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Save Money On Your Energy Bill Without Breaking the Budget

With temperatures fluctuating across the country, many of us feel the strain on our wallets. According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, it’s estimated that nearly half of home energy costs go toward heating and cooling. To keep your bank balance in check, PuroClean of Davie recommends 10 tips for saving money while staying comfortable all year round.

energy bill costs
Follow our tips for keeping your bill low!

1. Stay warm in the winter and cool in the summer by insulating your home. Adding attic insulation, and sealing windows and doors with tape or weather strips will help maintain a comfortable temperature without additional energy costs.

2. Invest in a programmable thermostat, which can provide perfect temperatures for any time of day with the push of a button.

3. Set your thermostat at a cool 68 degrees, then turn down the heat to 55 degrees while you’re away or sleeping.

4. Keep your air conditioning system running smoothly and efficiently by ensuring proper ventilation. Remember to open the vents and replace the filters at least once a month for optimal performance.

5. Make the switch to Energy Star compact fluorescent or LED bulbs and watch your energy-saving efforts light up.

energy bills can be high
There are a lot of efficient things you can do to cut costs.

6. Turn off lights when they are not in use.

7. Turn off the power and reduce energy bills by unplugging all home electronics when not in use. With a simple power strip, you can quickly disconnect multiple appliances.

8. Upgrade your home with eco-friendly, energy-efficient appliances and electronics. Look for models that carry the Energy Star label to optimize long-term savings.

9. To make your laundry day more energy efficient, switch to cold water washes and avoid washing small loads. Similarly, air drying clothes is an effective way of reducing electricity consumption in the long run.

10. Get the most out of every cycle and only put full loads in your dishwasher. You should also take advantage of any “energy-saver” settings available.

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Last edited on 31st of January 2023