How To Clean your Washer and Dryer

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laundry room luxury homeWhen’s the last time your to-do list included a reminder to clean your washer and dryer? These two standard household appliances get a lot of use, yet are often overlooked when it comes to regular upkeep. Each has its specific maintenance requirements that will prevent issues like washer leaks and dryer fires. Some of what’s needed to clean your washer and dryer are simple DIY tasks that can be done in a minimum amount of time. Other items may require the services of a professional, especially if routine maintenance has been neglected over the years.

Cleaning the Washer

By definition, shouldn’t a “washer” keep itself clean? Actually, no. The mixture of warm soapy water and bacteria from dirty clothes and other fabrics builds an unpleasant residue in the washer tub, pipes, and water pump. Odors can result and mold, and mildew can grow in parts of the unit you would never see with a casual inspection. At least twice a year or more often if you’re a frequent washer, take these simple steps to disinfect and clean the internal parts of your machine.

Cleaning the Dryer

While steps to clean your washer and dryer have aesthetic paybacks, cleaning the dryer can be a safety matter, too. According to the U.S. Fire Administration, almost 3,000 house fires every year are started by dryers. On an average, five deaths, 100 injuries and $35 million in property loss result. Highly-flammable lint accumulates in the unit’s lint trap or inside the vent exhaust pipe, constricting the flow of hot exhaust air. If airflow is reduced sufficiently, intense heat builds inside the dryer, igniting clothes and lint and causing a fast-spreading indoor fire.

Maintain Your Home

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Last edited on 7th of July 2021