Why Choose PuroClean Restoration Specialists

PuroClean restoration professionals are licensed, insured, and certified to remediate biohazard environments safely and in accordance with all applicable laws and standards. We understand that some events may be sensitive and must be handled with compassion and discretion. We bring a sense of calm back to those impacted, whether the loss is in a home, commercial property or business office.


We treat biohazard-damaged property as if it were our own. Our technicians clean every affected item respectfully and professionally, from your floors to your walls.

High Standards

PuroClean uses Environmental Protection Agency-registered, safe products to provide protection that prevents contamination and minimize the risk of spreading pathogens.


We understand the trauma you and your loved ones are facing. PuroClean rescues properties with compassion and care.


PuroClean RapidDefense™ is the best way to sanitize public areas. Our system helps stop the spread of pathogen-based illnesses, such as Influenza and Norovirus.

Dependable Biohazard Cleanup Services: Dedicated to Your Needs

PuroClean Restoration Specialists are your trusted partners in restoring safety and dignity to environments impacted by biohazards in Frisco, TX, Denton County, Collin County, and the North Dallas area. Our wide-ranging services include after-death cleaning, comprehensive biohazard remediation, suicide cleanup, hoarding resolution, virus decontamination, and specialized sewage cleanup. Our experienced specialists stand ready to serve you with compassion and professionalism 24/7. We’re dedicated to addressing biohazard challenges with expertise and sensitive care, ensuring peace of mind during distressing times.

Experiencing a traumatic incident such as a death can be overwhelmingly stressful. At PuroClean Restoration Specialists, we offer professional biohazard cleanup services to alleviate the additional strain of the clean-up after death. Our team ensures thorough cleaning, decontamination, and safety of the premises for future use.

Your Premier Choice Among Biohazard Cleanup Companies

We are a leading biohazard cleanup company delivering meticulous and inclusive biohazard restoration services. Every scenario is met with the utmost respect and tailored care. Our diligent professionals work to rejuvenate your environment while guiding you through insurance claims to lessen your load in these trying moments.

Biohazard Cleanup Restoration Services

biohazard cleanup services

Our comprehensive biohazard cleanup services cater to diverse critical and sensitive situations, ensuring we’re equipped to handle any challenge with unrivaled expertise. Recognizing the urgency and gravity of these circumstances, our dedicated team is meticulously trained to deal with a wide array of biohazard scenarios. We are committed to restoring affected spaces to their pre-incident condition, all while prioritizing health, safety, and privacy. This steadfast commitment to excellence in service and client care makes us the clear choice for those facing biohazard concerns.

Expert Blood and Body Fluid Remediation

We understand that dealing with biohazard situations can be emotionally challenging. That’s why we navigate the complex matters of blood and body fluid remediation with precision and mindful discretion. Our services extend to a multitude of situations, from crime scenes to unattended deaths and suicides. We prioritize the absolute removal and professional handling of all biohazard materials, ensuring the environment you return to is meticulously cleansed and restored to safety. This allows you to begin the healing process with peace of mind, knowing that the physical reminders of the incident have been expertly removed.

Compassionate Suicide Cleanup

The aftermath of a suicide is a profound and emotionally heavy burden. Our specialized suicide cleanup services are conducted with the utmost compassion and understanding. Employing a blend of thoroughness and empathy, we shoulder the burden of cleaning, allowing family and friends to focus on supporting each other through this heartrending time.

Thorough Hoarding Cleanup Services

hoarding cleanup services

Hoarding presents unique challenges that affect both living conditions and emotional well-being. PuroClean Restoration Specialists understand the sensitivities involved and offer comprehensive hoarding cleanup services. Our approach is thoughtful and efficient, aimed at decluttering while respecting the significance of personal items and reinstating a clean, habitable environment.

Learn more about our Hoarding Cleanup Services.

Rigorous Virus Decontamination

Virus decontamination is paramount for ensuring ongoing well-being in times of global health concerns. Leveraging industry-leading techniques, our skilled team implements rigorous decontamination protocols, carefully ensuring that your home or business remains a safe and clean sanctuary against microbial threats.

Specialized Sewage Cleanup

Sewage spills or leaks introduce various potential health risks and require immediate, expert attention. Our dedicated sewage cleanup services involve a systematic approach to sanitizing and returning your property to a safe, non-hazardous state. Our comprehensive process includes thoroughly eliminating contaminants and restoring the affected area to optimal sanitary conditions.

By entrusting PuroClean Restoration Specialists with your biohazard cleanup needs, you engage a team dedicated to restoring your environment to a place of comfort and stability. Our expansive array of services guarantees that each unique situation is handled with professional care and precise attention to detail while maintaining the dignity and respect clients deserve during such critical times.

Learn more about our Sewage Clean Up Services.

Skilled Crime Scene Cleanup

The aftermath of a crime scene presents a profound emotional and logistical challenge. At PuroClean Restoration Specialists, we understand the complexities these scenes possess, and we offer meticulous crime scene cleanup services that adhere to the highest standards of safety and professionalism.

Our experienced crime scene cleanup team swiftly responds to your call, working efficiently to restore the scene to its former state while adhering to all applicable local and federal regulations. We ensure the absolute removal and professional handling of all biohazard materials, restoring the environment you return to to its previous condition. This allows you to focus on processing the event rather than dealing with its physical remnants.

If you require crime scene cleanup services in Frisco, TX, Denton County, Collin County, or the North Dallas area, trust PuroClean Restoration Specialists to handle the situation with expert care and compassionate understanding. We dedicate ourselves to providing you with peace of mind during these trying times. Reach out to us anytime — we’re here for you 24/7.

Restore Your Space, Rebalance Your Peace of Mind

Don’t let the outcomes of heart-rending events cast a long shadow on your life. Reach out to PuroClean Restoration Specialists for exceptional biohazard cleanup restoration, including after-death cleaning services and specialized cleanup for unattended death and crime scenes. We are a beacon of hope and renewal, putting your well-being first.

Contact us today for a complimentary consultation, and start on your journey toward restoration.

Biohazard Cleanup Process

Our rigorous step-by-step process to ensure your property is impeccably cleaned and restored after a biohazardous incident includes:

  1. Immediate Response: We are on standby 24/7 and will swiftly answer your call for biohazard cleanup.
  2. Comprehensive Assessment: We conduct an in-depth inspection to fully understand the extent of biohazard contamination.
  3. Customized Cleanup Plan: From our assessment findings, we devise a specific cleanup and remediation plan tailored to address the nuances of your situation.
  4. Detailed Cleanup and Remediation: Employing strict protocols, we clean, sanitize, and neutralize all affected zones, thoroughly eradicating hazardous substances and reverting the area to its previous state.
  5. Proper Disposal: We dispose of biohazardous waste, adhering to governing regulations.
  6. Insurance Claims Aid: We assist with insurance claims, offering relief through complex and emotional times.

    Providing Biohazard Cleanup Services with Empathy

    PuroClean Restoration Specialists are very aware of their actions and make efforts to not add to an already difficult situation. With any sort of property damage, the sense of loss felt by the property owners is already very present, and we try not to add to this stress. Owners and technicians from PuroClean Restoration Specialists strive to be extra sensitive, with a complete understanding of the vulnerable emotions and traumatic situations present. PuroClean Restoration Specialists will constantly show empathy, extra care, and attention.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Here are some frequently asked inquiries about our biohazard cleanup services:

    What does biohazard cleanup include?

    Biohazard cleanup includes the sanitation and remediation of areas contaminated by biohazard materials such as bodily fluids, blood, medical waste, and specific chemicals.

    When is biohazard cleanup necessary?

    Biohazard cleanup is vital in various circumstances, including crime scenes, suicides, unattended deaths, accidents with bodily fluids, and chemical spills.

    Is it safe to clean biohazards on my own?

    Handling biohazard cleanup without professional help is strongly discouraged due to potential health hazards and the risk of property damage. Professionals possess the appropriate equipment and expertise for safe biohazardous material disposal.

    Do insurance policies cover biohazard cleanup?

    While many insurance policies provide coverage for biohazard cleanup, the specifics can vary based on the event details and your insurance carrier. We can guide you through the claims process.

    What should I expect from a biohazard cleanup service?

    Anticipate an extensive, professional procedure that prioritizes your safety and confidentiality. Our specialists will clean, decontaminate, and restore your space, conforming to strict health and safety regulations.

    Begin Your Road to Recovery Today!

    Let not the residual repercussions of a traumatic event impede your recovery. Call PuroClean Restoration Specialists for top-tier biohazard cleanup services. We’re committed to reinstating your property and supporting your onward journey.

    Contact us now for a no-cost consultation. We are ready to support you at every turn on the path to recuperation.

    For Biohazard Cleanup Services, Call PuroClean Restoration Specialists!

    When in need of biohazard restoration services, call the PuroClean Restoration Specialists team to clean and restore the contaminated site. Our technicians use state-of-the-art tools and methods to effectively clean and restore the damage.

    PuroClean Restoration Specialists’ commitment to quality, compassion, and speed of delivery throughout the entire project propels us above all other cleaning companies and makes us the top choice in the industry. PuroClean vows to put in the time to rescue, clean, and restore required locations in all communities within our service area.

    Cleaning and the use of hospital-grade disinfectants of frequently touched objects and surfaces are the recommended actions to aid in stopping the spread of respiratory diseases, like coronavirus. Since any surface can be contaminated after cleaning, and because the coronavirus is also spread person-to-person, PuroClean Restoration Specialists’ cleaning services are not guaranteed to thwart the spread of coronavirus. Visit the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. (https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/index.html) for more information regarding coronavirus, its spread, and prevention.

    Expert Restoration Service

    PuroClean technicians are highly trained and certified, and use state-of-the-art equipment and techniques to effectively remediate property damage.

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