Under the Sink Safety and Storage Ideas

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It’s easy to let the area under your bathroom or kitchen sink become a catchall. The mess that usually follows can become chaotic and, in some cases, dangerous. With some organization and under sink storage ideas, you can get the clutter under control.

Being Careful with Cleaning Supplies

Many kitchen cleaning supplies contain hazardous chemicals. While the products get the job done, they can also be extremely harmful if not used or stored properly. When cleaning and organizing under the kitchen sink, start by gathering any cleaning supplies and follow a few rules:

Everything in a Container

For homeowners, there are few things worse than a burst pipe. If you ever have the misfortune of dealing with a plumbing emergency, you’ll thank yourself for using containers in your under sink storage plan. You’ll be able to quickly and easily pull everything out if there’s a problem with a drain, water line, or garbage disposal. Try these ideas for keeping everything corralled:

Maximizing Space

While it’s helpful for stashing odds and ends, the area under the sink usually doesn’t have an incredible amount of space. Make the most of it with a few smart, space-saving, under sink storage tips:

With a little time and some smart ideas, your under sink storage plan will help get you organized, keep you safe, and make life easier for you and your family.


Last edited on 7th of July 2021