who is responsible for biohazard cleanup

Owner or Renter: Who’s Responsible for Biohazard Cleanup?

Biohazard Clean Up

There are many different types of biohazardous material that can pose a threat to human health and safety, including bodily fluids, sewage, and even certain types of animals. If any of these materials are present in your home or business, it’s important to know who is responsible for biohazard cleanup.

What’s Considered Biohazard Cleanup?

Biohazard cleanup involves cleaning, disinfecting, and deodorizing the areas containing traumas or highly-contaminated water. Dealing with biohazards typically means dealing with body contaminants and water contamination.

Costs of Biohazard Cleanup

Biohazard cleaning costs may vary significantly depending on the type, the time between the event and when the cleanup started, the extent of the damage caused, and how difficult it is to access and locate the location.

Who’s Responsible for Overseeing Biohazard Cleanup?

A common misconception about crime scene cleaning is that the police agency or other government organization should handle the cleanup for the homeowner. This isn’t true. Property owners must be fully responsible for cleaning up crime sites.

Yet, this responsibility can vary between the property owner and the tenant, depending on the circumstances that led to this crime.

In most cases, the responsibility for biohazard cleanup will fall on the shoulders of the property owner. There may be some circumstances, however, in which the renter is responsible.

For example, if the biohazardous material is the result of a crime that took place on the rental property, the renter may be held responsible for the crime scene cleanup.

Another scenario involves sewage backups. It is the landlord’s duty to maintain their drainage system. If the backup was caused by a drain that got blocked as a result of tenant carelessness, however, the tenant is at fault.

Homeowners Insurance Policy

Sometimes, people can file a claim in their homeowners insurance policies for damages caused by the crime scene. It is not universal for all homeowners insurance, however.

In addition to reviewing policy coverage, a policyholder has to determine the coverage that will be covered by the specific policies with their insurance company.

If the insurance does not offer these kinds of protection, it might cause a homeowner to consider expanding the policy’s scope.

Consult With a Professional Insurance Provider

If you are facing the difficult task of biohazard cleanup for your own home, we suggest you contact your insurance provider. Some insurances do have coverage and the insurance agents can tell you whether the tenant of the property owner is responsible for cleaning up the biohazard incident.

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Last edited on 28th of March 2022