Kitchen cabinetry has been removed for a kitchen restoration.

Water Damage Restoration Completed by PuroClean Team in Lanham, MD

Water Restoration

Here at PuroClean, we offer various restoration services for your residence or your commercial business. Among our featured services are water damage restoration and mold remediation.

We were recently tasked with a water damage restoration job that suffered a potential mold outbreak in a large custom kitchen. The home was located at Woodside Park in Silver Spring, MD.

The Beginning Steps of A Water Damage Restoration

Upon arrival, our certified restoration technicians completed a comprehensive inspection of the kitchen, where they uncovered a water leak. The leak had impacted the wood floor underneath all of the base cabinets and the kitchen island cabinets.

During the inspection process, our technicians needed to disengage the kitchen cabinets in order to take out the underlying wood floorings and check the cabinet’s hidden wallboard for moisture and mold issues.

After the inspection was completed, we went to work on our client’s restoration to resolve the water leak and prevent the growth of mold.

A Look at the Behind-the-Scenes Process

Our PuroClean certified restoration technicians began the restoration process by carefully taking the kitchen apart. With the cabinetry and flooring out of the way, we then removed the impacted drywall at floor level. The evacuation of the cabinetry and flooring allowed us to dry and sanitize the necessary materials to ensure the proper restoration of our client’s kitchen.

Our skilled restoration technicians dried the water leak and ensured there was no mold present in the kitchen. Once the materials were thoroughly dry, our team successfully cleaned and prepared the kitchen so that further work could be completed by an independent contractor.

A Unique Restoration

The water damage restoration was a notable one for PuroClean Lanham because we worked with our neighboring franchise in Baltimore. Due to their experience in granite work, we enlisted our PuroClean neighbor to assist with the restoration of the client’s kitchen countertops.

Another critical aspect of the restoration was that the family wanted to retain access to their kitchen during the repair process. Our PuroClean technicians were happy to accommodate this request by replumbing one of their two kitchen sinks and resetting necessary appliances.

Our clients were happy to finally have their water leak issue resolved, and the homeowner wrote us a good recommendation.

For Professional Remediation Services, Contact PuroClean of Lanham

It can be a difficult job to address water damage on your own. We recommend reaching out to experienced professionals. Contact PuroClean of Lanham today for restoration services. We are especially proud to be known as “The Paramedics of Property Damage®” and will work effectively to return your home to its pre-loss condition.

Last edited on 26th of April 2022