Lisa A.

The Hot Water Expansion Tank busted in my home (basement) . My Insurance company contacted PuroClean. Richard was at my home the next morning. Richard Ludd, Sr.Technician was just amazing. He is very thorough and direct to the point of getting the job done. He is very unique outside of any contractor that has been to my home for service calls. Richard and Kevin the other Technician are just awesome. They are very professional, knowledgeable and very well experienced. The work they did cleaning up the water damage was unbelievable. They were very prompt , efficient and exceptionally great. At first I was a little apprehensive because they came in not saying much and after I explained the situation they both started working vigorously . The demonstrated technique used I had never seen to detect the water damage. They came out every day and checked the condition of my basement and the fans,etc. I was so impressed and relieved with their excellent customer service and outstanding work. What a blessing for this kind of service. PuroClean should be thankful for them. Good service is very hard to get. I strongly recommend them for your service call. You will be pleased. Try this company and the same Technicians.

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