Water & Property Damage Restoration Services in Bothell, WA

We are PuroClean, a leader in property emergency services in Bothell, WA, helping families and companies overcome the life altering setbacks caused by water, fire, mold and other issues that lead to property damage. Our “Certified Priority Response” program is designed to help you reduce insurance claim costs and grow satisfaction through stern certification standards, clear protocols, and mutually agreed-upon scope pre-approvals. We are available 24/7, responding quickly, efficiently and with compassion, every time!

PuroClean of Bothell, WA prides itself on the ability to respond rapidly to water damage issues and emergencies in Bothell, WA and surrounding areas. We respect that water damage can be caused by all kinds of events ranging from leaky faucets to something more significant like frozen or burst pipes. Your home is in good hands with our certified and trained technicians. Our goal here at PuroClean of Bothell, WA is to prevent any further problems and avoid risk of mold that could impact the structure of your property. Don’t wait to contact us anytime at (425) 616-1717.

Local Property Damage Restoration Services in Bothell, WA

We’re PuroClean, your neighbors, located near the region of Bothell, WA. We’re local professionals working to help businesses, residents and individuals in Bothell, WA return to normal after experiencing property damage.

The services that we offer consist of water damage restoration, mold remediation, fire & smoke management, biohazard & virus sanitation, and reconstruction, and many others. Our love and dedication for our work and the sheer quality we demand has allowed PuroClean to develop a phenomenal reputation in Bothell, WA and beyond. Open and consistent communication is top priority to PuroClean. We desire that all persons involved know what is happening, what to expect and when to expect it, and what is going to to happen for them to overcome their traumatic situation.

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Water damage restoration in Bothell, WA

We do what it takes to keep open lines of communication, so that all those involved can understand what is taking place, what to expect next, and what needs to happen. At every step, we keep you and your insurance agent informed. We use the newest state-of-the-art tools and equipment for drying, dehumidifying, deodorizing, and disinfecting the water damaged space. Our aim is to restore your home or business with as little disruption possible and return you to your regular routine. Our water damage remediation services have helped us gain the trust of homeowners, insurance companies, home service firms, and property managers all throughout Bothell, WA. In contrast to all other water damage restoration firms, we rescue and restore lives and property using our specially designed PuroClean QuickDry System™. We strive to complete your project in the shortest possible time and at a lower cost than the competitors’ drying system.

Fire damage restoration in Bothell, WA

Timing is an important factor after a fire is extinguished. The damage from the fire continues to spread long after the fire is extinguished. It is a little known truth that a quick reaction can save tremendous time and money. Therefore, fire and smoke damage restoration must begin as hastily as possible. So please don’t delay in reaching out to PuroClean! Upon receiving your call, we get to work immediately, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, even on holidays. Remember, fire and smoke damage keeps going until PuroClean starts the restoration process – which we will start expeditiously when you contact us!

Trust PuroClean Northwest for fire damage restoration in Bothell, WA

Fire damage in your Bothell, WA property needs to be addressed right away. PuroClean Northwest will determine the full extent of the damage to your commercial or residential premises. We will then provide all the necessary fire damage remediation services, from structural support to board-ups. Our technicians will pack your belongings with compassion and respect, listen to your concerns, and work hard to clean and deodorize your property.

Our Bothell, WA Fire Damage Restoration Process

Upon arrival, our technicians will assess the damage and begin removing items from the affected areas, salvaging and cleaning whatever possible. Any soot and pollutants on surfaces or in the air will be removed.

Trust PuroClean Northwest for property fire damage repair in Bothell, WA

Fire damage in your Bothell, WA property must be dealt with right away. PuroClean Northwest will assess the full extent of the damage to your residential or commercial premises. We will then provide all the necessary fire damage restoration services, from structural support to board-ups. Our technicians will pack your belongings with care and respect, listen to your concerns, and work diligently to clean and deodorize your property.

Restoring Fire Damage in Bothell, WA

Our trained team will begin by assessing the damage, then we will remove items from the property, selecting and cleaning those that are salvageable. We will remove soot and other pollutants from the air and all surfaces.

Mold remediation services in Bothell, WA

It has long been known that mold can cause serious health problems. Usually, mold occurs from hidden water damage, or damages from water that wasn’t properly repaired. PuroClean offers complete mold removal services to completely eradicate all mold, and more importantly, find and fix the source of the water, if it’s actually related to water damage. Included in our process is fully cleaning and sanitizing your property, along with getting rid of mold odors, and returning your property to its pre-mold condition. Mold abatement is an important and intricate process, requiring specific certifications or licensing. You can count on PuroClean to have the knowledge, tools and technology to correctly and completely finish your project.

Why Choose PuroClean For Your Property Restoration Needs

Your neighborhood PuroClean remains up to date on all certifications, licenses and insurance in order to perform mold removal in biohazard conditions safely while adhering to all laws and standards applicable. PuroClean realizes that certain events are sensitive and need to be managed with empathy and discretion. PuroClean pledges to treat every client with compassion and respect, no matter if we’re performing our services in a home, commercial property or business.


How do you prepare for claims adjuster water-damage home visit?

Contact your insurance agent and/or adjuster and they will tell you everything you need to have ready to ensure the claims process is smooth. [...]

How long will the restoration process take?

The length of time varies on the extent of the damage. Additionally, local authorities and your insurance agent will also want to investigate the damage before the restoration company can [...]

Do you fix water damaged wood floors?

Yes - including subfloors, reconstruction and refinishing. The repairs needed depend on many factors. [...]

Can mold grow on concrete floors?

Not usually. Mold will not grow without a lot of moisture, so keeping your concrete floors clean and dry should prevent mold growth. [...]

Is blood a biohazard?

Blood itself is not a biohazard, it’s what may be in the blood that is potentially hazardous, such as bloodborne pathogens (BBPs) or infectious microorganisms, that can cause diseases. [...]

If your home or business suffers property damage in Bothell, WA, call PuroClean Northwest!

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