Water & Property Damage Restoration Services in Coconut Grove, FL

We are an industry respected organization specializing in property emergency services in Coconut Grove, FL. We’re PuroClean – we are there for families and companies to conquer life shattering situations caused by fire, mold, water and many more forms of property damage. To help our clients cut back on insurance claim costs and guarantee satisfaction, we follow our specially formulated “Certified Priority Response” program. This ensures that our work follows very strict standards of certification and prior approvals of the mutually agreed upon work to be done. With every call, we react quickly, efficiently and with the utmost compassion 24/7!

Water damage can be caused by something minor, like a leaky faucet or something significant, like frozen and burst pipes. Whatever the cause, large or small, PuroClean of Coconut Grove, FL is prepared to respond quickly and remove standing water and moisture from your property in or around Coconut Grove, FL. Our trained technicians will take care of your home or business.It’s important to avoid risk of mold damage. Our goal is to avoid additional damage. Don’t wait to call us anytime, at (305) 894-4343.

Local Property Damage Restoration Services in Coconut Grove, FL

We are your neighbor – with easy access to all of Coconut Grove, FL – we are the local go-to team that helps residents and businesses throughout Coconut Grove, FL get back to normal life after suffering property damage.

The services that we provide consist of water damage remediation, mold removal and cleaning, fire & smoke management, biohazard & virus cleaning, and reconstruction, and many others. Our love and dedication for our work and the sheer quality we demand has allowed us to develop a phenomenal reputation in Coconut Grove, FL and beyond. Clear and ongoing communication is very important to PuroClean. We desire that all persons involved understand what is happening, what to expect and when to expect it, and what has to happen for the client to overcome their traumatic situation.

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Water damage restoration in Coconut Grove, FL

We do what it takes to keep open lines of communication, so that everyone involved can understand what is happening, what to expect next, and what needs to happen. At every step, we keep you and your insurance agent fully involved. We use the latest state-of-the-art tools and equipment for drying, dehumidifying, deodorizing, and disinfecting your water damaged space. Our aim is to restore your home or business with as little interruption possible and get you back to your regular routine. Our water damage restoration services have helped us build the trust of homeowners, insurance agents, home service providers, and property managers all around Coconut Grove, FL. In contrast to all other water damage restoration firms, we rescue and restore lives and property utilizing our specially designed PuroClean QuickDry System™. We work diligently to complete your project in the least possible time and at a lower price than the competitors’ drying methods.

Fire damage restoration in Coconut Grove, FL

Timing is a huge factor after a fire is extinguished. The damage caused by the fire continues to wreak havoc long after the fire is put out. It is a little known fact that a quick response can save huge amounts of time and money. Therefore, fire and smoke damage restoration must begin as quickly as possible. So please don’t delay in contacting PuroClean! Upon answering your call, we respond immediately, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, even on holidays. Remember, fire and smoke damage keeps going until PuroClean starts the restoration procedures – which we will start expeditiously when you contact us!

Mold remediation services in Coconut Grove, FL

Abatement of mold can be a serious job, calling for certain licensing or certifications. You can rest assured PuroClean has the knowledge, technicians and technology to do the job correctly and safely. Mold can create very serious health hazards. Normally, mold occurs after undetected water damage, or water damage that wasn’t remediated properly. PuroClean provides mold remediation services, fully eradicating all mold along with locating and repairing the source if it is water damage related. Included in our process, we clean and deodorize your premises, including eradicating the mold odor, returning your home or business to the pre-mold state.

Why Choose PuroClean For Your Property Restoration Needs

Your local PuroClean stays current on all certifications, licenses and insurance in order to conduct mold abatement in biohazard conditions safely while following all laws and standards applicable. PuroClean realizes that certain events are sensitive and have to be managed with empathy and discretion. PuroClean promises to treat every client with compassion and respect, no matter if we’re performing our services in a home, commercial property or business.


Why is my property monitored so often?

Daily monitoring is one important aspect of the process. Industry Best Practices require this monitoring to insure that the drying process is proceeding properly. [...]

Why is water damage dangerous?

Floodwater that comes from outside and from sewage backups contains dangerous contaminants like viruses and bacteria. If the water isn’t drained within 24-48 hours, structural damage and mold growth can [...]

¿Cuáles son algunas de las principales causas del fuego?

[Vídeo] Los incendios son causados principalmente por hojas secas, cableado o equipo eléctrico defectuoso, estufas y hornos desatendidos, velas desatendidas, niños que juegan con fuego, líquidos inflamables y tabaquismo descuidado. [...]

¿Cómo puedo limpiar el moho?

[Vídeo] Eliminar el moho eficientemente es más difícil de lo que la mayoría piensa. En primer lugar, usted tiene que usar ropa protectora para reducir la exposición al moho. Entonces, [...]

¿Puede el moho crecer en pisos de hormigón?

Normalmente no. El moho no crecerá sin mucha humedad, así que mantener sus pisos de hormigón limpios y secos debe evitar el crecimiento del moho. [...]

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