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duck in a float in a spring puddle

Will my Milwaukie Home have a Spring Thaw Flood?

Prevent a Spring Thaw Flood in your Milwaukie, OR home with these helpful tips from your friends at PuroClean of Clackamas! [...]

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hardwood floor with heart
How to Care for Hardwood Floors – Tips from Restoration Pros

Water damage can be a real disaster for hardwood floors.

pipe frozen in block of ice
How to Fix Frozen Pipes in Milwaukie, OR?

Find out if frozen pipes are a problem in the Milwaukie, OR area and how to prevent them from happening.

house blueprint with x-marks-the-spot
How Many Carbon Monoxide Detectors Do I Need in My Milwaukie, OR Home?

Carbon monoxide poisoning is a serious danger in Milwaukie,OR homes.

house icon with radon and damaged lungs
5 Ways to Test for Radon in Your Milwaukie, OR Home

Worried about the levels of radon in your Milwaukie, OR home? Here are five methods for testing radon levels, as well as how to deal with high levels.

dusty lead weight with skull
How to Identify Lead Paint in My Milwaukie, OR Home

Discover whether or not lead paint is present in your Milwaukie, OR home and learn about the dangers of this toxin.

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