5 Winter Storm Tips To Keep Safe On The Grand Strand

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winter storms damage trees in myrtle beach

Staying ahead of winter storms is something every household should practice. Cold weather gives us plenty of time to heed warnings and prepare for dropping temperatures. It can get icy even here on Myrtle Beach’s Grand Strand. During winter storms pipes can freeze and burst causing significant water damage if left untreated for long periods of time. If you do experience water damage from winter storms, call PuroClean of Myrtle Beach!

Here are five things to remember in the event that you lose power:

Stay inside!

The same weather that produced power failures might also result in ice on the roads and downed trees. Even if the roadways appear to be clear, black ice is difficult to spot and can make driving dangerous. Staying inside to ride out the storm is the best plan for safety reasons.

Generators should not be brought inside.

Extreme winter weather could result in widespread power outages, forcing people to get inventive in order to stay warm. If you have a generator please read up on best practices for optimum usage and safety regulations.

Generators and grills should not be brought inside, according to Fire Departments, as they can cause house fires. Also, instead of candles, consider utilizing flashlights. The less chance you have of starting accidental fires the better as the local emergency services may be impacted by the driving conditions of the storms which can significantly reduce response times.

Portable power banks should be charged.

There will be no way to charge cell phones or other vital electronic gadgets if you lose power. Before a storm, it’s a good idea to keep portable power banks charged. This goes for batteries too, have them ready in case flashlights are needed. 

If you have access to a small solar charger those can come in handy as well. Even if the storm is causing the conditions to be cloudy you can utilize a solar charger once the storm passes and the sun does come back out if power is lost and still not repaired yet.

Always have blankets on hand.

As the weather begins to deteriorate, gather blankets in a location you can immediately locate. You can lose heat as well if the electricity goes out. If there are no lights or heat, the last thing you want to do is try to figure out how to stay warm. This goes for towels and sweatshirts or coats as well, anything extra you can put on or cover up with to provide layered warmth is good to have accessible when winter storms are approaching.

Have phone numbers for the power company saved.

It’s critical to notify the power company if you lose power so that someone can come out and fix the power lines in the area. Having these numbers written down or pre-saved in your cell phone could be extremely beneficial in the event of a power outage.

Here are the numbers and a few links to their outage maps online for our local power companies here on the Grand Strand:

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Last edited on 28th of February 2023