According to the latest statistic information, water escape is one of the most issues for residential house owners in winter because almost 25% of all insurance claims in this period are related to this problem.

Every homeowner who at least once faced such an issue as a water escape knows how challenging it can be to solve it, especially when it is almost impossible to get a plumber in a short period of time. That is why it is so risky to leave your pipework exposed.

The temperature drop can become a reason for water freezing inside your pipes, which can damage them. And then temperature rise can cause the water will escape from these damaged pipes.

Fortunately, below you will be able to find the list of actions that will help you to protect your pipes from bursting.

The Main Activities to Protect it from Bursting

  • Begin your preparation works for temperature drop in the first months of winter from the following areas:
    • Loft;
    • Garage;
    • Other outside areas, for example, pipes and taps in the garden.
  • Do not forget to leave heating in your residential house even when you are going away. Such a step will help you to prevent the freezing of water in internal pipework.
  • One more wise step that should be done when you are planning to go away for a long time is turning the water off at the mains and drain the left water in the system. In such a way, you will be able to avoid water escape and following damage caused by it.
  • Perform checking of the drain pipes of your condensing boiler on a regular basis, because these pipes are usually placed outside of the building.
  • Also, perform regular checking of your boiler conditions to make sure that it works well enough to heat your residential house during the coldest winter months. Enough heating is crucial to avoid pipes freezing and the following issues that you already read about above.
  • Make sure that all external are lagged, especially those of them that are hidden and hard to reach.

In any case, you as a residential house owner need to be ready for any scenario, and especially for the worst of them. That is why it is so important to keep the number of a professional company that will be able to help you with burst pipes, clean all of the affected areas, renovate and restore all of the damaged areas and items, and all other questions related to this issue.

So in case, your residential or commercial property in Illinois faced water escape and further damage, call PuroClean Disaster Mitigation service and we will be glad to solve this issue for you. Here is our 24/7 phone number: (708) 929-9696.

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Last edited on 2nd of February 2024