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Water Remediation Jobs From Our Trip to Texas: Part Two

We recently posted a blog recounting how we went to the state of Texas after the Winter Storm in February and some of the work we did while we were there. We completed so many jobs for homeowners in Texas that there was even more that we wanted to share. So, we would like to highlight some of what we were able to accomplish during our inter-state journey.

Joining the Texas Winter Storm Restoration Effort

To recap, a winter storm of unprecedented size hit Texas in February of 2021. The storm brought freezing temperatures and bombarded the area with snow and ice, leading to many homes and businesses experiencing water damage. The primary reason for water damage was burst pipes caused by the buildup of ice internally. It is common for pipes to burst when blizzards hit, and so we went from location to location, mitigating these floods.

We arrived at one job immediately following our 20-hour drive from Plantation, FL. The long journey itself was quite the logistical challenge, but we powered through to do the restoration. This home had frozen pipes above the garage that damaged almost 3/4 of the ceiling. After we consulted with an adjuster, we got to work. We removed the damaged parts of the ceiling, as well as the wet insulation. Then we began the drying process. Overall, we finished this job in just four days.

Another job we took while we were in Texas was for a couple referred to us by their son. The blizzard froze their pipes, and the damage was extensive. Water affected the kitchen cabinets, living room, dining room, bathroom, and pantry. We performed demolition on the cabinets, as well as sections of the wall all around the baseboards. Including the drying process, this job took five days to complete.

We helped a young family of 4 with their frozen pipes, as well. The damage their property suffered was minor compared to that of other properties we saw, but they still needed the water damage to be fixed. This job only took two days to complete, and the family was incredibly thankful for our speed.

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