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In The Community, Water RestorationPublished March 30, 2021

Puroclean of Plantation Joins the National Response in Texas

Empathy is a prime factor in a successful restoration. At PuroClean of Plantation, we understand what it feels like to have a natural disaster impact our homes and neighborhoods. We deal with hurricanes every year and know that cooperative efforts are how we can recover as a community. The massive winter storm that bombarded the United States in February of 2021 was unprecedented in many ways. Freezing temperatures and blizzard conditions dramatically impacted the state of Texas. As a part of a national response effort, we traveled to Texas to lend a hand to those in need of restoration services.

PuroClean on the Move

When we arrived in Texas, we found that the vast majority of property damage we encountered was water damage. Due to the cold temperatures of the winter storm, water within pipes began to freeze. When water freezes, it undergoes a process where its volume expands as well. And when this occurs, pipes will burst, leading to water damage.

One instance of this was in the home of a retired couple. They experienced burst pipes in their upstairs bedroom. The pipe burst flooding the exterior wall shared with the kitchen and living room. The effects of the flooding also reached some cabinets and the ceiling. After we located all the moisture, we placed air movers in specific locations. We also used a dehumidifier to remove the room humidity. Ultimately, we were able to complete that job in just five days.

Another job that we encountered was for a family of six. They experienced burst pipes in the attic of their large home. The burst pipe flooded the master bedroom, the living room, and the kids’ bedrooms. This restoration was extensive, but we were able to repair the pipes and restore the home quickly.

We also helped a client who wanted to sell their apartment but needed to repair the water damage before closing. They already had a closing date set, so timing and speed were a necessity in this job. We mitigated the water within three days, and the client was ultimately able to complete the sale with no further complications.

Call PuroClean of Plantation for Water Restoration Services

These were just some of the many jobs we took in Texas to help in their recovery from the winter storm. We are now back in South Florida and ready to help our community with property damage restoration. If your property is affected by water damage, call us at (954) 477-7007.