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Hoarding Cleanup in Henrico County, VA

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PuroClean Restoration Professionals was recently contacted to clean up a home in Henrico County, VA that was affected by hoarding disorder. The resident is an elderly woman living in deplorable conditions due to her condition. Her daughter called us, worried about her mother. Here’s how we provided hoarding cleanup in Henrico County, VA for the homeowner and her family’s peace of mind.

Providing services for hoarding cleanup in Henrico County, VA

When our cleanup technicians arrived, the situation was bad. However, this wasn’t a severe hoarding case. Over the years, we’ve seen (much) worse hoarding scenarios. The Institute for Challenging Disorganization (ICD) actually publishes a scale that describes five different hoarding severity levels.   On a scale from one to five, this was level two.

The elderly resident’s home can be categorized as a level two hoarding state. This type of hoarding is generally characterized by:

  • Visible animal waste or odor 
  • Some evidence of household pests
  • Congestion in household entrances, exits, hallways, and stairways
  • Some presence of mold

And, sure enough, the home ticked off the boxes. There were cat odors and clutter in every room. The refrigerator had old food in it, which also contributed to the overall bad smell in the home. Also, we discovered bed bugs. 

PuroClean’s team of hoarding cleanup experts went to work right away. They cleared out all of the clutter and garbage from the home, disinfected every surface, and deep-cleaned the entire house. They also helped the homeowner get organized and develop a plan for keeping her home clean in the future.

The hoarding cleanup process was thorough and ultimately successful. We finished the job in two weeks. The resident now lives in a clean and healthy home, and she feels more comfortable than before. 

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If you or a loved one is struggling with hoarding, please don’t hesitate to call PuroClean Restoration Professionals for help at (804) 239-1558. We can provide you with expert hoarding cleanup services in Henrico County, VA and nearby areas that you need to get your life (or that of someone you love) back on track.

Last edited on 14th of March 2022