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Mold Creates Predicament in New Home

Mold Restoration

Purchasing a new home is an exciting time, but it also comes with its challenges. Even with proper planning and inspections, issues can still arise during the move-in process. The discovery of hidden mold can easily change exhilaration into distress. Thankfully, PuroClean is just a phone call away from bringing the excitement back.

A Moldy Move-In Story with a Happy Ending

A family moving from out of state recently bought a house in Midlothian, VA, where they had the expectations of completing some basic renovations before they moved into their new home. It didn’t take long for the general contractor to locate mold on the subfloor and laminated flooring that the previous owner had apparently tried to hide. While this unforeseen issue seemed like it would complicate the family’s plans and subsequent move, PuroClean was able to step in and quickly get the renovations back on track.

They gave us a call, and we immediately responded to the home. The contractor still had work to do on the house, which posed a challenge for us. But, with good communication, we managed to work cooperatively together. To mitigate the mold fully, we needed to remove the floorboards to access the subflooring. From there, we cleaned, sanitized, and deodorized the area.

We worked closely with the general contractor, keeping him updated with daily calls. Through focus, communication, and our commitment to our customers, we got our work completed promptly. All in all, it took ten days to complete the mold remediation and get the family’s renovations back on schedule. This may not have been how they pictured the beginning of their relocation, but we were able to show them through our care and compassion that Virginia really is for lovers (of honest work and dedicated customer service.)

PuroClean of Richmond is Here for Your Moldy Messes

Mold problems can arise whether you are buying a new home or simply living in the same place. Either way, our professional and dedicated team at PuroClean is always here to help with mold remediation. Just give us a call at (804) 239-1558.

Last edited on 6th of August 2021