Accidents happen & we are here to fix it!

Sometimes one has an accident and thinks to themselves “how will I fix this?!”. Although it might seem impossible and scary at first, we want to let you know that once we arrive at your home be assure that PuroClean of San Antonio will try not to bother you and SOLVE the problem. This is the story of family who accidently drove their car into their home. No, this does not only happen in the movies, it happens in real life as well!

So you might be asking yourself what is the process of when something like this happens. First of all call your insurance so that they can help you with you your car and house insurance. If you don’t have insurance, make sure to get one! After that call, give us a call for a free estimate (210)610-5353.

We will go into your house, take measurements, photos, and other information that we need to create an estimate then the work begins!

Last edited on 8th of July 2021