Emergency Cleanup after a Ceiling Collapse in Fairfax, VA

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Recently, we provided emergency cleanup services for a home in Fairfax, VA in which a ceiling had collapsed. Blown-in insulation, rolled insulation, and drywall fell from the attic in the master bedroom, master bathroom, and a closet.

The homeowner, an 82-year-old retired mother, was in shock after experiencing such a frightening disaster. She was in the room when the ceiling collapsed and ran out of it right in time. Fortunately, she escaped without harm.

Soon after the disaster, the elderly woman called her daughter. Afterward, the daughter acted upon the problem and called us for emergency cleanup services. We arrived there in due time and immediately started cleaning up the mess. When we got there, the whole bedroom was in shambles.

collapsed ceiling emergency cleanup
The collapsed ceiling left a great deal of debris in the house.

Providing Emergency Cleanup Services with Compassion

Our crew completed the job after four days of hard work. We cleaned up all the debris and dust and prepared the rooms for reconstruction. The technicians treated each item individually with care and compassion. At the end of the task, the homeowner and her daughter were very happy with our work!

emergency cleanup from ceiling collapse
Here’s how the master bedroom looked during the debris emergency cleanup.

In addition, the daughter is a realtor and said she’ll tell all her customers, friends, and family about us. Plus, she gave us a great review on social media. Here’s her review on Yelp:

“I can’t speak highly enough about Tenzin and his crew from PuroClean of Alexandria. We had a ceiling spontaneously collapse and it sent rolled insulation, blown insulation and ceiling drywall everywhere. The bedroom looked like it was hit by a hurricane and it was just devastating to my 82-year-old mother. Tenzin and his crew meticulously cleaned every item, big and small, as if they were their own mother’s possessions. With such detailed and difficult work, these gentlemen exhibited the highest levels of professionalism and always were exceptionally polite and compassionate. We felt confident that my mother’s precious belongings would be well taken care of. PuroClean of Alexandria, Tenzin and his crew far exceeded my expectations. I will recommend them to every friend and client of mine. I am so impressed with these guys, I would trust them with my life!”

As the Paramedics of Property Damage™, we’re proud of the work of our crew and we’re grateful for these kind words.

For emergency cleanup and disaster cleanup services in Alexandria, VA and nearby communities, call PuroClean of Alexandria. We’re ready to come to your property’s rescue 24/7.

Last edited on 18th of March 2020

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