The secondary sheathing installed for final inspections.

Meter Mix-Up 2: Fighting Mold and Termite Damage in the Dallas Heat

Mold Restoration

Mold is incredibly stubborn. Mold and termite damage combined is even more so! Sometimes, property restoration can be time-consuming depending on the severity of the damage and the weather issues that arise. However, the extra time spent restoring and inspecting can make all the difference to ensure it’s remediated to its pre-loss condition.

That’s why PuroClean Property Restoration Experts is your best option. We understand the importance of thorough restoration and inspection. Our team goes above and beyond, removing all damage on your property. We do things right the first time and every time because it’s what you deserve.

Mold and Termite Damage: A Work in Progress

Over the summer, a Dallas homeowner suffered a tremendous loss when their home flooded twice over a mix-up. The sheer scale of the job became apparent as we uncovered significant mold and termite damage after our initial inspection. Undeterred, we pushed forward.

We continued our restoration work by removing all portions of the structure that contained mold and termite damage. The intense Dallas heat made our working environment more challenging than usual; performing restoration duties while wearing personal protective equipment (PPE) was no easy feat! Thankfully, when the extreme temperatures subsided, we continued cleaning thoroughly and applied an anti-microbial treatment. 

Our technicians placed secondary sheathing throughout the home, as required by our mold consultant.

We then spoke with our mold consultant to confirm that our work was done correctly. Before the inspection, they requested the installation of secondary sheathing, a precaution that prevents further moisture from entering the home. With secondary sheathing in place, we now await our final inspection before completing the home’s cleaning. Thank you for your exceptional resilience and dedication to restoring this home, team!

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Last edited on 3rd of October 2023