Mold Removal Service with Local PuroClean of Irving

Have you seen or smelled the presence of mold in your property? Are you experiencing allergy symptoms like sneezing or coughing indoors? PuroClean of Irving is ready to assess the situation and provide the best mold removal plan to stop mold spores from spreading throughout your home or office. When we arrive, we will first contain the area so that the spores will not continue to spread. Next, our trained technicians will use HEPA filtration and HEPA vacuuming to remove the mold and will also determine its moisture source. Finally, we will deodorize the space applying preventive measures as needed.  We are prepared to tackle the water damage or moisture build-up that is feeding the mold growth in your property. Contact us today. You can reach PuroClean of Irving at (940) 290-0900 to address your concerns.

Mold Removal

PuroClean of Irving professionals not only provide water damage restoration; we also specialize in mold removal. We effectively dry any water-damaged areas and eliminate the moisture that contributes to health risks associated with mold growth. We will identify and eliminate the mold and its moisture source.

Containment of Affected Area

It is critical to ensure mold does not spread to unaffected areas of your property. Our mold restoration experts will inspect the area and determine the best plan of action for containing the mold before drying and cleaning.

HEPA Filtration and HEPA Vacuuming

We use HEPA filtration and vacuuming to remove dust, purify the air, and clean non-porous materials. Once completed, affected materials are specially sealed in plastic bags and safely discarded, leaving your home or business the way the expected event.

Ongoing Communication

At each step of the mold restoration process, we want to make sure that you, your insurance company, and our PuroClean of Irving technicians are all on the same page. We will also provide the necessary documentation to help facilitate the process shifts.

PuroClean of Irving Mold Remediation Services:

PuroClean of Irving will attend to your mold build-up in your property and fully restore your property to its pre-damaged condition.  We follow a strict process involving:

Full Mold Removal in your business or home

  1. We start by performing a mold assessment by carefully inspecting your property for signs of mold. Then we’ll conduct a full mold removal, where we thoroughly remove the mold from the site.
  2. After all the mold is removed, we will deodorize the site. Deodorization includes cleaning and sanitizing the structure, fixtures, and content.
  3. We will then use HEPA Air Filtration and HEPA Vacuuming equipment to evaporate water and eliminate moisture. 

Containment in Affected Area(s)

Depending on the amount of mold damage, varying levels of containment will be used to prevent mold spores from spreading to other areas. The containment process includes closing windows and doors to other areas, covering HVAC vents, using polyethylene sheeting to seal the area, and maintaining negative pressure with HEPA-filtered fans.


The musty smell typically disappears once the mold is removed. On some occasions, further deodorization is necessary.

Cleaning & Sanitation of Structure, Fixtures & Contents

During mold removal, affected porous material, such as insulation and ceiling tiles, will need to be removed. Depending on the item and mold severity level, other surfaces may be cleaned carefully using a wet vacuum, damp wipes, or HEPA-vacuum once items have dried.

HEPA Air Filtration and HEPA Vacuuming

High-Efficiency Particulate Air, or HEPA, filtration and vacuuming, is the EPA standard. This equipment allows air and dust to be filtered through, trapping mold in the filter, returning clean air to the home or office. 

Our Process

PuroClean of Irving’s mold removal experts begins by restoring the affected area to normal conditions and then shifting their attention to mold odor removal. Our professional deodorization techniques will leave your home or business fully restored and will help avoid recurrences. We work with indoor environmental professionals (IEPs) and laboratories to protect you and your family from potentially dangerous mold situations. We can provide a complete estimate, including photos, to your insurance agent or adjuster.

The trained and certified professionals at PuroClean of Irving are prepared to respond quickly to your mold restoration needs. We know how frustrating this potential health hazard and nuisance is for your family or employees. We are committed to providing ongoing communication and reporting while using the most updated equipment. We work diligently to remove mold from your property and belongings and to inhibit mold recurrence.

Mold Removal FAQs

Below are the questions typically asked by our PuroClean customers: 
Can I clean up the mold myself?

It is recommended to have a professional handle mold removal.  When mold is disturbed without the use of proper techniques, it can spread quickly. Let PuroClean of Irving take the guesswork out of mold removal, giving you peace of mind that the mold has been removed safely. Call us now at (940) 290-0900.

Is mold damage covered by my insurance?

Each insurance policy is different. Contact your insurance provider to determine what is covered and how much.


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