Image of a gas stove burner to show the chance of a kitchen fire

Tips to Avoid Kitchen Fires In Your Home

Fire Restoration
Image of a gas stove burner to show the chance of a kitchen fire

Kitchen Fire

Winter is here in Worcester County; this means no more grilling and cooking outside. In turn, the stovetop is getting much more use than it does throughout the rest of the year. With this change, it is always a good idea to look into some ways to prevent having a kitchen fire or accident in your home this winter.

Turn Pot and Pan Handles In

This is most likely the first safety tip almost everyone was taught regarding stove safety. Something as simple as turning the handles of your cookware in and reducing the chances of being bumped into can create a much safer kitchen. This can help stop spills of oil or grease that may lead to a kitchen fire. Of course, this is a practice that is good for any kitchen but is especially important when there are children in the household.

Have a Fire Extinguisher Available

Having a fire extinguisher and knowing where it is and how to use it is very important. It is a good idea to make sure that most people in the house know the steps to follow if there is a fire in the kitchen. Making sure that they know where the extinguisher is stored as well as how to operate it is key to stopping a fire from getting any worse.

Keep Cooking Equipment Clean

Regular cleaning of cooking equipment can help prevent kitchen fires by reducing the number of combustible materials introduced to a flame or intense heat. This is especially important when using a gas stove as the flame is open and has easier access to the bottom of the cookware. The stove top itself should also be cleaned regularly to avoid any buildup of material on the stove itself.

In a Time of Need Give Us a Call

Of course, following these tips alone won’t make your kitchen immune to a fire, however, they will help reduce the risk of an emergency happening in your home. If an issue does occur call us at PuroClean of Auburn or Natick. We have a 24/7 Live Calling service where you can reach a real person at any time should an emergency appear, please give us a call at (774) 321-3232.

Last edited on 25th of January 2023