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Mold Remediation Around Highly Valued Art

Mold growth caused by unchecked water damage can have a catastrophic effect on a home and its residents. Mold spores have been known to cause health problems when inhaled and can cause sensitivities to worsen.

PuroClean Property Savers understands how important it is to intervene promptly at the first sign of mold damage. Our team is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to respond to any emergency property damage situation you might have.

Rising to the Mold Removal Challenge

Our dedicated team recently went to a home in Austin, Texas, after a certified inspector discovered a significant amount of mold growth within the structure. The family was at risk for serious health complications the longer they remained in their home in such unsafe conditions.

Upon arriving at the property, the team discovered that the family had several expensive pieces of fine art in their possession. This was a challenge as we began to conduct the remediation process. We were tasked with the delicate process of moving all of the artwork offsite to our storage unit for disinfecting and safekeeping.

packing up items for mold remediation
Our team packed up several items before the remediation.

After the precious items were safely out of the home, our skilled technicians conducted complete mold remediation and reconstruction of the affected areas of the house.

The job was finished within the estimated time frame, and the clients were very pleased with our work. The homeowners even invited their friends to survey the results, who were also very impressed. Congratulations to our hardworking PuroClean team for another job well done!

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Last edited on 26th of November 2023