Water removal

Water Removal: How to Protect Yourself

Water Damage

Water flooding can happen at any time. It may be because of the weather, a broken pipe, a sump pump failure, or a hot water tank failure. Whatever the cause, you want to get your house back to normal by removing the flood water.

The longer the flood stays in your house, the more likely it will damage your property. Mold growth is also synonymous with flooding, not to mention the bacteria and diseases that might come from flood. That is why PuroClean of Bradenton has put together a water removal checklist to assist you with the problem of the flood.

Steps in Water Removal

Cleaning up the home can be a daunting task after a flood. Instead of you doing more productive things, you will be spending time cleaning. Moreover, if you don’t clean up your home thoroughly, the flood that remains can cause more damage to your home.

That is why it is recommended that you let professionals handle this type of problem. If you lack the funds, however, you can still safely get the flood out of your home before it causes more damage. Here are the things you should do if you’re taking on the task by yourself.

1. Turn off the power

One of the first things you should do is turn off the power to your house at the main circuit breaker right away. Many circuit breakers are found in a fuse box outside the home or the garage. If your breaker is located in your home, keep an eye out for electrical cables submerged.

2. Remove and document damaged items

Take any stored or broken objects out of your home. Clothing, for example, should be washed and hung to dry. If upholstered things do not dry in two days, they should be discarded since they will begin to mildew. To file an insurance claim for these items, establish a list and snap photos of them.

3. Remove the Water

Shut off the main supply if the flooding is caused by a busted water pipe on your property. Check if the sump pump failed. Use a pump to remove larger amounts of water. When the pump fails, you can use a vacuum and portable extraction equipment to remove the water.

Avoid coming into direct contact with flood water since it may contain harmful chemicals. Wear protective equipment, such as disposable overalls, eyewear, gloves, and a face mask if you must walk in flood water.

Basement water removal

4. Remove the carpets

If your basement has carpets, you need to remove them immediately. Flooded carpets can be saved on rare occasions, but most of the time they are not salvageable. You will only put your property in danger of mold damage if you keep them.

5. Disinfect

Mold is a problem that affects more than just your home and possessions; it is dangerous not only to your health, but also to the well-being of your family. Prevent the spread of molds by cleaning the walls and floors of your basement with disinfectant after removing the water.

6. Dry the area

Simply removing wet objects and mopping will not adequately dry your flooded basement. To dry your basement as quickly and effectively as possible, you’ll need to create an artificially dry environment. A dehumidifier can be used to eliminate excess moisture from your basement. You can also rent air movers, which are industrial fans that help your basement dry faster and keep molds at bay.

Contact Your Insurance Company

Now that the flood water is removed from your basement, it is best to call your insurance company next. Prepare the list of the items that have been damaged together with the photos you took.

If you’re covered, your insurance provider will send a loss adjuster to evaluate the worth of your claim. An insurer should cover the costs for professional services to remove water and deal with mold and foundation issues. Although the insurer is likely to recommend a provider of these services, you still have the option to hire a professional of your choice to assist you in repairing the damage.

Flood Prevention

The final step of the process is to ensure that flooding won’t happen in your basement again. Here is why it’s better to call professionals in the first place: with years of experience, they can pinpoint exactly what went wrong that untrained eyes would have a hard time noticing.

If you’re living within Bradenton and nearby areas and need help cleaning your basement off of flood water, you can call PuroClean of Bradenton for water removal services. We will not only remove the water, but we will help you with water damage repairs and property restoration. Contact us today to learn more about our water removal and damage restoration services.

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Last edited on 7th of September 2023