Exterior of a home in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, during the electrical fire damage restoration

Sparks Gone Haywire: Electrical Fire Damage Restoration Done in Lake Geneva Home

Fire Restoration

Property damage doesn’t wait for you to return from a family outing to strike. A fire can occur suddenly, compromising your home’s structural integrity. Electrical fire damage is especially ominous, causing physical and emotional devastation.

PuroClean of Burlington understands that dealing with fire damage can be overwhelming, so we are here for you. Our skilled team responds quickly to restore your property from disaster. When you need fire damage restoration in Lake Geneva, count on us to provide the quality restoration you need.

A Fourth of July Fire Damage Shock

In July, a Lake Geneva family decided to spend the Fourth of July holiday on the water. They were thrilled to witness the spectacular fireworks from their boat, but their plans were cut short when they received an urgent call from their neighbor with news no one wanted to hear: their house was on fire. When they arrived home, they were dismayed to find extensive fire damage throughout the property. The cause? An electrical fire.

As with any fire aftermath, we acted swiftly. When we arrived on the scene, our highly trained technicians assessed the extent of the damage, devising a thorough plan to conduct the electrical fire damage restoration. Our crew performed a pack-out, determining what personal belongings were salvageable and what had to be discarded. We also placed board-ups on the damaged walls and windows for additional safety.

Our team placed temporary board-ups to secure the home during the electrical fire damage restoration.

To eliminate the lingering smoke odors and soot, our technicians utilized high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) and charcoal filters throughout the affected areas, restoring the home’s air quality for the family’s well-being.

After thoroughly cleaning and sanitizing the house, we completed our work, restoring the family’s home promptly and safely. They were thrilled to have their home remediated and ready for their return. Kudos to our hardworking crew for their timely response and efficiency!

Have Electrical Fire Damage? Call the Professionals at PuroClean of Burlington!

Fires leave significant damage in their wake. Such destruction can be overwhelming. Fortunately, our experienced technicians handle all aspects of fire damage restoration in [city_name] and the surrounding areas. Whether it’s smoke removal, soot residue cleaning, or something in between, we’re always here for you 24 hours a day, seven days a week. With years of experience and a commitment to providing superior service, we can help make the restoration process as smooth as possible. Time is critical once the fire ends and the smoke clears, so call us today at (262) 342-2226.

Last edited on 28th of August 2023