5 Astonishing Myths of Biohazard/Trauma/Crime Scene Clean-up Remediation

Biohazard Clean Up

Myth 1 – Bleach is the best product for clean up

biohazard - bleach?

Bleach is a poor choice because it is extremely hazardous, gives off unpleasant fumes, can cause eye and respiratory irritation, corrodes metal, can cause color loss in fabric and lastly its ineffective in presence of organic material.

Myth 2 – Police will clean up the Trauma Crime scene


Police will not clean up the scene. They will collect their evidence and once they are finished they will release the scene. Once the scene is released, a Biohazard Remediation company, like PuroClean of Charleston can come in and begin work.

Myth 3 – OSHA certified companies are MOST qualified to handle biohazard services

OSHA enforces federal regulations for safety of employees and work environments.

Myth 4 – When cleaning blood, once the red is gone, so is the problem


Getting rid of the red is good! The problem, however, is what you cannot see. There are invisible bacteria and other harmful substances that need to be considered. Once the main area has been dealt with, the surrounding area and content will need to be cleaned properly.

Myth 5 – Home cleaning/Janitorial companies can do the work


Home cleaning/janitorial companies are good for “everyday messes.” They, however, do not have the proper training, knowledge, equipment, tools, or products to handle a biohazard clean-up. Plus, with biohazard clean-ups there are certain regulations for disposal and bio-contaminate removal.

Are you in need of a Biohazard/Trauma Scene Clean-up?

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Last edited on 25th of January 2024