Gene P.

WOW .... Above and Beyond understates the level of service i received from PuroClean . From the very beginning the team was outstanding,thoughtful,courteous and trustworthy.Casey L in particular did an incredible job taking care of my home while I was away the first 2 weeks. He worked very closely wth the adjustor and acted as my " property manager " completely entrusting him with my home that i Love and all its contents.He was very respectful taking care of my personal items. I was astounded at the surgical precision that he was able to achieve in removing wet sheetrock and damaged wood.They left the job very very clean after each days work My experience with puroclean mitigation was so outstanding I now have the Puroclean Repair team onboard as well. Casey provided daily updates including many weekend days and never made me feel rushed and always took my calls . He provided reputable references for excellent subcontractors such as roofing and flooring and pack out movers as well which was very helpful Casey is a real Gem and a Puro Clean superstar so I can see why he is the Head of the Mitigation team. Mark E , the Owner , came out the first day and I spoke to hime directly many times . He is very friendly, helpful and knowledgeable With such a leader at the helm its no wonder so many clients refuse to use anyone other then Puro Clean and you can add me to that list if I ever am in need . Thank you so very much to the Puro Clean team including so many not mentioned here !!