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Published July 14, 2021

Home Suffers From Sewer Backup After Homeowner Passes

Dealing with the loss of a loved one is difficult. Having to worry about property damage to the home that was left behind is even worse. Unfortunately, this is a situation that is common when a property is left unattended for long periods. Recently, this occurred in a home on the west side of Columbus. A sewer backup caused a large moisture buildup to occur. The family called us to help clean up the property and we were humbled to be able to help them during this difficult moment.

Sewer Backup Brings Moisture and Mold Into the Home

The homeowner lived alone before passing, and that, unfortunately, meant there was no one to maintain the property for a substantial period. In some instances, homes can be subjected to vandalism, or in this case, a sewer backup. This caused debris, moisture, mold, and blackwater to build up throughout the home, which complicated the restoration.

Sewage is not like typical water damage. It contains contaminants and irritants that require more advanced biohazard cleanup procedures to effectively mitigate. However, that doesn’t exclude it from the consequences of standard water damage as well. The excess moisture that standing blackwater brings with it makes the environment a hotbed for mold growth.

Mold ended up contaminating many items throughout the first floor. These items were treated for mold off-site while our technicians focused on the house. Mold spores and blackwater both need to be sanitized during the drying process. Our technicians wear full PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) throughout the sanitation process. Once the floor and drywall were cleaned and dried, we applied our deodorization process to eliminate all smells and traces of the flood.

The circumstances of the job meant there were no time constraints for us to complete the restoration. However, for the family who was now managing the property, we took it upon ourselves to do whatever we could to make our tasks as quick and simple as possible for them. They thanked us for our work, and how we returned the property to its original condition.

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