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House fire prevention tips

In Today’s Tip for Today, Robin is discussing common mistakes that may lead to a house fire. In the United States alone, there are 173 thousand reported cases of fires ever year! Changing your small habits is an easy way to prevent a disaster!

Fire damage remediation

As a home damage restoration company, we oftentimes deal with the aftermath of small to moderate home fires. Besides the obvious damage of the fire consumed belongings, the often overlooked result of a fire is the ever-present soot. It covers absolutely every surface of a home. Smoke remediation is one of the most time consuming (and expensive) services we provide, because every single surface and object has to be either washed, or wiped down with specialty tools. The process, can take weeks, or months depending on the size of the property and the amount of contents.

The cause

Besides fires caused by electrical system failures, or odd accidents, a vast majority of fires are caused by incidents taking place in the kitchen

Main tips for house fire prevention

Don’t go anywhere!

Don’t go running out to the store to buy more salt without turning off your stove or oven- even if you’re cooking up a delicious soup, don’t think you can leave it to stew on a low flame.

Get an electric tea kettle

Everybody loves a good cup of tea- you put your tea kettle on the stove to boil some water. 30 minutes later you find yourself running into the kitchen in a panic, because you got distracted and completely forgot about the water! It happens to the best of us. To avoid a dangerous situation, get an electric tea kettle that turns off once the water is boiled. Another alternative could be a stovetop kettle with a whistle.

Keep a big box of baking soda on hand

In case of a fire emergency, baking soda will come to your rescue- it works much better than water. The last thing you want to do is pour water on a grease fire! Baking soda is a superhero of house fire prevention.

baking soda for fire prevention
Last edited on 5th of December 2020