The bathtub toys were part of the contents services.

Movin’ Out: PuroClean Disaster Restoration Performed Contents Cleaning

Water Restoration

When a sewage backup occurs, it can cause severe damage to the contents of a home or building. The wastewater that floods the property can quickly soak into floors, carpets, walls, and furniture, leading to structural damage and potentially costly repairs. Furthermore, sewage water is often contaminated with harmful bacteria and viruses that can pose serious health risks to humans. Items that are affected will need to undergo contents cleaning.

Acting quickly matters when dealing with a sewage backup and enlist the help of a professional restoration company, like PuroClean Disaster Restoration. Our trained team can quickly remove the contaminated water, sanitize the affected areas, and restore your property to a safe and healthy condition. We also provide contents and pack-out services so your personal belongings are safely transferred to our location for cleaning while your property is remediated.

A Professional Pack-Out

In April, our office received a call from a young family requesting our services. Our client, a family with young children, had awoken to discover that a sewage backup affected their Southside Indianapolis home. The Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification classifies such water as Category 3, which is dangerously toxic.

When we arrived, our team went to work. The pack-out involved assessing the furniture and belongings and taking a detailed inventory of the damaged items, including toys, books, and clothing, for insurance purposes.

Then, we removed the items from the home to be cleaned or disposed of as needed. We used specialized cleaning techniques to decontaminate the children’s items, such as toys and books, which were returned to them safely.

Coping with the aftermath of a sewage backup can be an incredibly stressful and overwhelming experience for any family. Our compassionate team worked efficiently to make the process as smooth as possible for our client and their family during a challenging time.

Contact PuroClean Disaster Restoration For Property Damage and Contents Cleaning

If you’re facing property damage from water, fire, or any other disaster, you need a dependable and trustworthy team to restore your property to its pre-loss condition. That’s where PuroClean Disaster Restoration comes in. Our dedicated experts provide superior restoration services and excellent customer care 24/7. When you need emergency services or scheduled restoration work, call (317) 467-4436!

Last edited on 9th of May 2023