A kitchen in need of fire damage restoration in Houston home.

Fire and Smoke Frenzy: Assisting with Fire Damage Restoration in Houston

Fire Restoration

Sometimes, life can throw a wrench in your plans. A fire and its subsequent cleanup can be an extraordinarily disruptive and costly ordeal. Fortunately, our experts can help. For immediate fire damage restoration in Houston, count on PuroClean of Central Southwest Houston.

With years of expertise and professional know-how, our technicians can assist residential and commercial property owners in overcoming the challenges of fire damage in a timely manner.

A Kitchen Catastrophe

Recently, a retired woman contacted us regarding fire damage restoration. A malfunctioning stove had a pot catch fire in minutes, leading to extensive damage. The woman, who lived alone, attempted to grab the pot, which resulted in minor injuries, but fortunately, there we no life-threatening injuries.

She put out the flames, but the ensuing mess meant her kitchen was unusable for the foreseeable future. The furniture in the adjacent rooms also suffered from fire damage. We dispatched our fire damage restoration team immediately.

When we arrived, our team conducted an assessment to determine the scope of our work. There was a lot of smoke damage to the walls and ceiling, so we knew that would be a priority. In fact, the smoke smell was still noticeable.

One of PuroClean's (HEPA) air purifiers perfect for fire damage restoration in Houston.
We used our state-of-the-art equipment during the fire damage restoration process.

To eliminate the lingering smoke odor, we utilized our industrial air filtration devices with high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) and charcoal filters to remove airborne smoke particles. This step is crucial before cleaning the affected surfaces so that the particles floating throughout the air do not settle on the newly cleaned areas. 

Afterward, we cleaned all the soot from the floor, walls, and ceiling. Then, our technicians cleaned the remaining fire and smoke damage on the affected areas with our potent chemical cleaning products.

We carefully packed our client’s affected belongings and performed content pack-outs as part of the fire remediation process. Our contents team is trained and equipped to handle belongings of any size in all situations. We assess, clean, inventory, store, and ultimately return every item with great care. We also provide comprehensive documentation allowing our clients to fully understand the restoration process.

Fire and smoke damage on her cabinets.
The fire and smoke damage on cabinets.

Thanks to our team’s dedication and rapid response, the kitchen is returning to its pre-loss condition. At the time of this blog’s publication, our dedicated team continues to work diligently to remediate the damage. Kudos to our incredible team for their compassion and resolve!

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At PuroClean of Central Southwest Houston, we know disasters can derail your everyday life instantly. If you need professional help remediating the damage, our team of experts is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to respond to your emergencies. Please call us at (832) 856-5900 for residential and commercial fire damage restoration in Houston and the surrounding areas.

Last edited on 26th of October 2023