The water-logged carpet as a result of the burst sink supply line.

Drenched Decor: Burst Sink Supply Line Saturates Houston Home

Water Restoration

Water damage can happen anytime–even while you’re away! The latter is particularly critical because delaying treatment could worsen the damage, spreading it throughout your home. Specific emergencies like a burst sink supply line can contain pathogens and organic matter, resulting in a category-three loss.

That’s why PuroClean of Central Southwest Houston should be your first choice when time is of the essence. Our team of skilled technicians will be on-site within the hour, ready to tackle any challenge your emergency presents. We are committed to restoring your home while prioritizing your family’s safety and your property’s integrity.

A Sink Supply Line Shock

In July, we received an urgent call from a retired Houston couple who had returned from an out-of-town trip to celebrate multiple graduations within the family. When they entered their home, they discovered their carpeting was soaked with water. Upon further investigation, they found that the primary bathroom’s sink supply line had burst while they were away.

Upon cutting the water line, they were shocked to learn the extent of the damage. The length of their absence meant that the water had flooded not just the primary bedroom but also the hallway, living room, office, and guest bedroom.

The water had thoroughly soaked into the home’s carpet (L). The water damage originated from this sink supply line (R).

To the Rescue

When we arrived at the home, we knew the clock was ticking. After a thorough assessment, our technicians extracted the water from the carpeting. We tracked the water damage’s flow and spread using advanced thermal cameras and moisture meters while identifying microbial growth in the carpet and affected furniture.

Our crew documented all the damage and set up our stabilizing equipment as we waited for the insurance adjuster to approve. It was confirmed that the situation we faced was undoubtedly a category-three loss.

We asked the couple if we could pack out their personal belongings since the affected areas were too large, and the contents hindered our work. Contents pack-out involves conducting an inventory of their belongings, packing them carefully, and then securely transporting and storing them at our climate-controlled facility. This service also includes restoring damaged items, such as odor removal and cleaning.

They agreed, and after doing so, we had the necessary space to demolish severely water-damaged portions of the home’s structure, such as the drywall and framing.

We used industrial water extractors to dry the home’s carpet (L). Our demolition work included spraying an anti-microbial solution (C). We stabilized the home’s moisture levels with air movers (R).

After we addressed all the moisture damage, our team took necessary measures to prevent future mold growth, including applying an anti-microbial spray. With these steps completed, we could commence the reconstruction process.

Our team rebuilt the primary bathroom, replaced the carpets and wall paneling, and returned the removed contents. We finished the job in record time thanks to our unwavering dedication and perseverance. Outstanding work, team!

The result of our team’s efforts: a beautiful reconstruction and a successful restoration!

For Expert Water Damage Restoration, Call PuroClean of Central Southwest Houston!

Water damage can wreak havoc on your property in no time. Acting quickly and getting help from professionals who promptly resolve the issue is crucial. PuroClean of Central Southwest Houston is here to offer top-notch water damage restoration services for residential and commercial properties. Our experienced and compassionate experts are always ready to assist you when needed, so don’t hesitate. Please contact us at (832) 856-5900 today.

Last edited on 24th of October 2023