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Training and Expertise: How PuroClean Restoration Services Can Help You with Mold and Trauma Cleanup


You probably know us for property cleanup after a water disaster or fire damage. Thanks to our training and experience, our technicians use state-of-the-art equipment designed to recover property and get you or your clients back in their home or office as quickly as possible. 

But you might not know that we also provide other services that require special needs and intelligent restoration. Mold removal is often needed following a water disaster. Trauma cleanup is an extraordinary occurrence requiring special cleanup and sensitive caring.  

  • Mold Removal. We can help you or your tenants with mold removal, which requires immediate attention after a water event. 
  • Trauma Cleanup. These biohazard situations fall outside the normal everyday occurrence. However, PuroClean Restoration Services is equipped to provide effective solutions for families and businesses facing unique and challenging issues.

Training and Efficiency: Our Mold Removal Approach

If your business or residence has sustained major water damage, mold can appear if the cleanup was not done properly. Excessive moisture can also lead to a mold problem. PuroClean Restoration Services has the experience, training and equipment to address mold issues. They should be treated quickly in order to stop the spread of mold throughout the structure. Our IICRC-certified technicians have the experience to remove all traces of mold. The earlier the mold is treated, the faster we can make sure your property is safe to work or live in again. 

When Experience and Expert Training Are Required

When it comes to mold removal, calling experts immediately is very important. Mold can spread to other areas very quickly! When that happens, it makes the cleanup process more difficult. You also want your home or office to be safe for occupants, so you can resume daily life and get your business up and running again quickly. Mold can potentially cause a number of health issues, so hiring trained professionals to do the job correctly is important. 

mold in a wall corner that requires training to remove
Mold removal requires thorough training and skill.

Trauma Cleanup

PuroClean Restoration Services is certified in trauma cleanup. When we receive calls for trauma cleanup, we take special care to perform cleanup in a sensitive manner. Our technicians are trained to perform cleanup properly and thoroughly. Whether it’s a death, car accident, or other violent occurrence in a home or office, PuroClean Restoration Services is thoroughly trained to completely clean and disinfect the area. Our work often provides some peace of mind for those affected. Trauma cleanup often means dealing with blood, human, or animal remains. We work professionally and diligently to restore the area to the condition prior to the trauma. And our technicians resolve the problem with the utmost care and respect. 

Experience Counts

Whatever cleanup is required, PuroClean Restoration Services understands the emotional and physical difficulties involved with restoring property. We are expertly trained to clean, deodorize, disinfect and decontaminate areas caused by water damage, fire, mold or trauma. While we go above and beyond to perform our services, we also exhibit a sympathetic attitude to all involved. Our team uses the right equipment and the proper cleaning compounds—cleaning components that are designed to handle specific problems. 

For Property Damage Restoration With Compassion and Proficiency, Call PuroClean Restoration Services

As professionals, we have the training to handle your cleanup problems with experience and expertise. Whether it’s water damage, fire and smoke restoration, mold remediation, or any other challenging cleanup situation, we have the skills and equipment to restore safety and normalcy to your space. Our team is on call 24/7, ready to respond quickly and efficiently. Please call us at (301) 277-2755 if you or your clients are experiencing any of the cleanup situations described above. Don’t let the damage spread—contact us today for immediate assistance.

Last edited on 9th of May 2024