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Water Damage Restoration in Oak Lawn, IL After A Toilet Leak

Water Restoration

Recently, we provided water damage restoration services in Oak Lawn, IL for a retired homeowner. Unlike many water damage jobs that we get, where the source of the leak is unmistakeable, this job was a bit more difficult because the source was hidden from view!

Finding the moisture source

First, the homeowner reported that the floor and drywall of the bedroom and a closet were soaked. Water traveled through the bedroom underneath the carpet. A large wet spot could be seen growing in the middle of the closet, as well.

Nothing was obviously broken in the home, and the ceiling was spotless. Thus, that ruled out roof leaks, so we had to do a more in-depth investigation to locate the source. Our technicians racked their brains trying to solve the mystery. We headed to the kitchen and bathrooms as most likely sources for leaky pipes.

After searching, we finally managed to identify the source. The water was traveling from a toilet bowl, through the wax ring, and in between the concrete subfloor and the ceramic tiles. This little leak caused all of the issues with the carpet and drywall in the bedroom and closet.

Of course, once we located the source, it was only a matter of resealing the wax ring. Water was once again flowing properly (down the drain, without entering the subfloors!). After remediating the leak, we set up our high-powered fans (air movers) to dry the areas and get the property back to normal again.

For water damage restoration in Oak Lawn, call PuroClean!

There isn’t a water damage restoration job we can’t handle. Even if the source isn’t obvious, we will find it and repair it. If you have a “small” water leak issue, don’t let it go on and destroy your home. Call PuroClean Disaster Mitigation for water damage cleanup in Oak Lawn and the whole Chicagoland area.

Last edited on 4th of May 2022