How to Choose a Damage Restoration Service When Water Damage Occurs

Water Restoration

Extensive water damage in the home can be traumatic and disrupt family life for days or weeks, especially when the kitchen is involved, as the following scenario illustrates.

Water Damage Scenario: A Ruptured Supply Line

The last thing Jessica did as she flew out the door to go on a family outing was to turn on the dishwasher. It always left her a bit uneasy using the dishwasher or washing machine when no one was at home, but she wanted to make sure the dishes were clean for Sunday lunch. Besides, she was impressed that her dishwasher used only 4 gallons of water per load rather than the 27 gallons it would take to wash the load by hand.

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After a full day of hiking, the family returned home at dusk. They did not notice the water until they stepped out into the garage. Jessica’s heart sank. As she made her way cautiously to the steps leading into the house, she could hear the water streaming from under the locked door. She followed the shallow stream into the kitchen, and when she entered the kitchen, she could hear a fizzing noise coming from under the sink. As she opened the kitchen cabinet beside the dishwasher, a spray of water instantly drenched her from head to toe. By the time she was able to shut off the supply line valve to the appliance, she was soaked. She needed help, and she needed it fast. An internet search for “water damage specialists in Sterling, VA” turned up quite a few options. With so many choices, who would be best for her situation, especially with it being so late on Saturday evening? Would anyone even come out this late on a weekend?

Jessica is like many homeowners who find themselves in a predicament at an odd hour on the weekend. PuroClean of Sterling, VA, knows that water damage in the kitchen can be a traumatic event that disrupts family life for days or even weeks. When an appliance like a typical dishwasher overflows, only about five gallons are available to flow onto the kitchen floor. However, when the supply line to the dishwasher ruptures, as much as 360 gallons per hour can flood into the home.

PuroClean of Sterling, VA, offers important tips on what to look for when searching for a property damage restoration service to deliver the best results when disaster strikes.

Tip #1. The team immediately responds to the disaster.

Delay can make the effects of the water damage much worse. Finding a water remediation company that arrives as soon as possible is critical. Ask these questions when trying to find help:

Tip #2. The company is bonded, insured, licensed, and certified.

When investigating water damage restoration companies, look for a water restoration company that is properly bonded and insured with employees that are licensed and certified. How long has the company been in business? What level of training and experience do the restoration specialists have? Is certification through a reputable program? Is continuing education company policy? 

Tip #3. References are reputable and local.

Seek out a reliable water damage restoration company with great references from local customers such as friends, neighbors, and family. Companies that are locally owned and operated are invested in the community. 

Tip #4. A plan for damage repairs is compiled and shown to the homeowner.

A reliable water damage restoration company offers a complete, accurate assessment of the property damage, a list of the needed repairs, and an estimate of costs to help property owners make informed decisions. 

Tip #5. Technicians use the most modern and effective equipment and techniques.

A water-damaged home will need water extraction, drying, and dehumidification to prevent mold issues in the future. State-of-the-art equipment and techniques accelerate the restoration process, help prevent future mold growth, and ensure personal property such as documents, artwork, photographs, and other important items are correctly restored. 

Tip #6. The customers, their homes, and the contents are treated with respect.

A water disaster is stressful and frustrating. A reliable, compassionate restoration team can help return life to normal. Proper restoration techniques, gentle handling, accurate documentation, and secure storage of personal property on site while it is restored are a part of the respect that the team of caring professionals at PuroClean demonstrates toward the customers they serve. 

Tip #7. The company takes care of the insurance claims process.

Filing a successful insurance claim does not have to be frustrating. Choose a water damage restoration company that is experienced and responsive in helping document damages and in filing accurate, timely claims.


Property damage is inevitable for the homeowner or business. PuroClean is dedicated to providing unmatched customer service. The team delivers quick, professional, ethical, and compassionate service, resulting in peace of mind for everyone affected by the life-disrupting event. PuroClean is the paramedic of property damage restoration people can trust.

For more information about the 24/7 water restoration emergency service, the highly qualified technicians, and the commitment to ensure customer satisfaction, visit the PuroClean website Contact the office by phone at (703) 579-8912.

Last edited on 20th of July 2020