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Heavy winds during a storm can tear shingles off the roof, posing a risk of water damage.

The Must-Knows of Storm Damage and What to Watch For

Natural disasters can be exciting to watch from the comfort of your home, but they can spur a wave of unsettling nerves for many homeowners.

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Tidying Up: The 4 Health Risks in Dirty Homes

Maintaining a clean and tidy living space is essential, not just for appearances but also for your health.

spring storm
Staying Dry: 10 Spring Storm Tips You’ll Want to Know

Spring is beautiful, full of blooming flowers and warm, sunny days.

Cut and Dry: 11 Dryer Fire Prevention Tips

Laundry can take time and patience! Sorting and folding are not chores for the unmotivated, so a clothes dryer is often a lifesaver, providing speed and efficiency when you need [...]

Smart home devices help.
Smart Home Devices Help Prevent Property Damage

The aftermath of an unexpected fire or flood disaster in your home might have left you with some head-scratching questions.

Woman reads book next to fire place. Winter fire safety tips.
Ignite Safety, Extinguish Risks: Winter Fire Safety Tips

The temperatures are dropping, so many of us spend more time indoors to escape the cold.

Man's legs in black with black boots walking in the snow. Winter safety tips can help you enjoy the snow.
Embrace the Cold: Winter Safety Tips for Every Occasion

Winter is here, and with it come obstacles and fun.

Gray kitten naps on a red Christmas blanket in front of a blurry festive backdrop
Essential Pet Safety Tips to Keep the Holidays Festive

As pet owners, it's natural to involve our pets in holiday festivities.

Hand plugging something into a white power strip.
Extension Cord Safety Tips: Your Key to a Secure Home

We've compiled a comprehensive list of 17 extension cord safety tips to guide you in the right direction.

Mold on a wall behind a couch
Breaking Down Mold Myths: Dispelling Common Misunderstandings

There are many mold myths floating around, making it tough to separate fact from fiction.

Person standing in a flooded living room wearing boots
Flood Insurance Explained: A Guide to Protecting Your Home

As the season changes, so will our weather, which makes now a perfect time to consider the level of protection your home and possessions possess against nature's unpredictability.

A group roasting marshmallows around an open flame
Fall Fire Safety: Falling Leaves, Rising Concerns

The beauty of fall is undeniable--the colors of the trees changing, the crisp air, and the cozy atmosphere.

A man conducts smoke alarm maintenance in his Sterling home.
Stay Protected: The How-To of Effective Smoke Alarm Maintenance

Fires can start in a matter of seconds, making it essential to have smoke alarms installed in your home.

Children in educational facilities in Sterling
Mold, Fire, and Water Safety in Educational Facilities

While physical safety is nothing new, we must also not forget the property dangers that may be in clear sight in our educational facilities.

A home in need of property damage restoration
When Disaster Strikes: How to Choose a Property Restoration Company in Sterling

Property damage can be a stressful and trying experience, leaving homeowners and business owners scrambling to find solutions.

Leave sewage flooding cleanup to the pros
Sewage Flooding Cleanup: Why Cutting Corners Can Lead to Long-Term Problems

Sewage flooding presents a danger to homeowners and demands prompt action.

Barbecue safety is important
Barbecue Safety Tips to Keep You Grilling All Summer Long

Summer's here, so it's the perfect time to head outside and start the grill! However, before you fire it up, prioritize safety to prevent hazards.

fire damage remediation needed on residential property
What Happens During Fire Damage Remediation?

A fire can be a traumatic and life-changing event that can devastate homes and businesses.

a man dealing with property damage in Sterling
April Shower Roof Leaks: How to Deal with a Leaky Roof

Rainy days may be cozy, but not when your roof starts leaking.

mold damage on a wall
What Time of the Year is Mold Damage the Most Prominent?

Mold can happen at any time of year, but certain seasons are more favorable to its growth than others.

A woman experiencing mold problems in her kitchen
What to Do About Mold During Spring Cleaning

Spring cleaning and decluttering is a traditional practice that many of us undertake yearly to prepare for the new season.

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