Why Reconstruction Services Are Essential Following Emergency Damage

Water Restoration

When a large-scale water damage emergency strikes, the homeowner may need not only restoration services but also water damage reconstruction services. Consider the case of a family that arrives home from a two-week vacation to find wet flooring, soggy carpet, and a moldy smell. They quickly call a water damage restoration company. The inspection and assessment from the water damage restoration company reveals extensive damage throughout the house. The supply line to the washing machine seems to have been leaking for almost all of the two-week vacation. (Washer connection hoses can spring leaks after as little as seven years.)

water damage restoration

The water damage remediation proceeds swiftly. Vacuum units, special fans, and industrial dehumidifiers make short work of the drying process. Since the water had been in the home for over a week, advanced secondary water damage has occurred. The carpet and padding can not be saved because mold and mildew have set in. Carpet delamination takes place when carpeting is exposed to water for a lengthy period. Water and moisture exposure ruin the finish, upholstery, and structural beams of several pieces of furniture.

The water-logged subflooring warps and begins to disintegrate. Baseboards throughout the home are unsalvageable. Bloated drywall and blistered paint are found in every room affected by the extensive flooding. Few of the warped doors will close. The door casings are visibly cracked and twisted. Flooded HVAC ductwork and water-logged insulation collapse into the crawl space.

Many property owners do not realize that when the damage remediation is complete, the property still needs reconstruction services to rebuild, repair, or replace damaged and unsalvageable portions of the structure. Because PuroClean of Sterling, VA, understands the trauma that property owners are facing, the company offers complete turnkey restoration and reconstruction services.

Reconstruction of residential and commercial structures includes inspections, complete and thorough estimates, permit acquisition, and project management from start to finish. Enlisting the services of a property damage restoration company that has proven competence in providing reconstruction services ensures consistent quality control, accountability, communication, and seamless project management.

Examples of reconstruction services

This list demonstrates the extent of services that may be needed beyond water extraction, removal, and drying. Fire damage reconstruction goes beyond smoke and soot removal. Sometimes mold mitigation requires extensive demolition and reconstruction.

Reconstruction services may include:

Damage restoration professionals with strong competencies in building and construction are the best option for reconstruction services because they know the scope of work to be done after water, fire, mold, or biohazard emergency services are completed. They offer a true turnkey option for restoration and remediation needs.

Why choose PuroClean Emergency Restoration Services of Sterling, VA?

Property owners can enjoy significant claim savings, as well as the peace of mind that one’s property is in expert hands when PuroClean handles the job from start to finish. The PuroClean damage restoration technicians specialize in remediation. First, they salvage everything that can be saved; then, their construction specialists make all the necessary post-mitigation repairs.

Highest quality service delivered quickly makes PuroClean the ideal full-service damage restoration and reconstruction company. Homeowners, insurance professionals, home service providers, and property managers throughout Sterling, VA, and North America trust PuroClean Emergency Restoration Services of Sterling, VA. The PuroClean, Sterling, VA, professionals meet all state licensing and insurance requirements to provide complete reconstruction services. All along the way, they keep the customer and their insurance agent informed. This communication is vital to the success of the project and to ensure customer satisfaction. Everyone involved needs to understand what is happening on the project. Service, quality, efficiency, and integrity are only a few of the core values that make PuroClean Emergency Services of Sterling, VA, the right choice for property damage restoration and reconstruction.

water damage restoration

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Last edited on 24th of September 2020